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Updated: May 16, 2023

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In spring 2022, we at Rock Content added a big piece to our efforts to offer a complete marketing solution to clients around the world.

We purchased WriterAccess, a U.S.-based talent marketplace that provides professional writing services to a wide variety of clients.

It was the perfect fit. WriterAccess has an innovative system in place that connects skilled writers, editors, designers, and digital strategists with clients needing quality content, whether it’s press releases, blog posts, e-books, social media posts, or plenty of other writing expertise. WriterAccess provides all sorts of creative assistance to its business clients, including SEO guidance and general digital strategies.

The company began in 2010 and has been recognized regularly for innovation. It is also known for putting on a successful annual Content Marketing Conference that attracts marketers from around the globe.

Adding WriterAccess to our suite of products nicely expanded Rock Content’s reach in the U.S. and increased the size of our creator community worldwide. More importantly, it also provided more effective tools we can offer to our clients to help them do business better and solve multiple challenges in their content marketing strategies.

New look, same mission

However, although it was a valuable addition, WriterAccess still didn’t look and feel like part of the Rock Content family.

That’s why, at the start of 2023, we made some helpful changes to the WriterAccess site and platform, starting with a new logo and a new brand identity.

The fresh-looking WriterAccess logo aligns more closely with our Rock Content brand identity and our other products available to clients worldwide. The new logo’s main color changed from green to blue and adopted our brand’s default typography.

We were careful to ensure the brand was recognizable by both Rock Content and the existing WriterAccess audience while communicating the change. Starting with the logo, we wanted everyone to know that exciting things are happening and there are more great things to come in 2023 and beyond.

Looking ahead

Ultimately, our goal is to launch an an all-in-one solution for content marketing scalability and success called Content Cloud. It provides them with the best tools of all of our signature products, what we call ‘The All-Star Team,’ to solve multiple marketing challenges.

Content Cloud is the perfect resource for ensuring your content is created, managed, and distributed easily and efficiently. With its AI-powered marketplace WriterAccess, you can create high-quality content with the help of a vetted global freelance community. You can then collaborate among your team or agency thanks to Studio – our Marketing Resource Management platform – and make sure that all projects are executed efficiently, on time, and on budget.

Finally, when it comes to getting your content seen, Stage offers an SEO-optimized solution for publishing posts onto WordPress, and Ion will empower marketers to engage, target, and convert high-quality leads using a code-free and data-driven interactive content creation platform.

Our Content Cloud is your all-in-one platform for content marketing scalability and success. It combines a global talent marketplace for content creation with powerful tools to manage your workflow while enhancing every step of the content marketing process.

The Content Cloud includes a global ecosystem of certified partners, professional services, and a robust education hub to deliver better marketing and superior ROI.

Once you login to one of the products in our Content Cloud you will be able to access all other products in the suite, so users will find it easy to switch between products. It will also provide a centralized billing system.

Still on the drawing board is an integrated analytic system allowing clients to track their journey from a “good content idea” to a fully executed outcome. It will give details about the audience, the process, and the Return On Investment for an entire project, as well as the performances of individual pieces of content. This in-depth knowledge can help improve overall efficiency for future projects and point out stronger and weaker points and the best areas to optimize in your content strategy.

We’re also including other tools and features, such as more AI capabilities and an improved White Label Portal. We’ll make it easier to create e-books with a more refined process, and, in the future, we’re excited to begin offering the ability to provide clients with videos, infographics and other types of visual media through WriterAccess.

By offering so many solutions, we want to be the sole provider for our clients, a one-stop-shop for all their creative needs, rather than having them go to multiple vendors for multiple needs.

Final thoughts

If you can’t tell, myself and the rest of the Rock Content team are looking forward to the future, especially now that WriterAccess is more closely integrated with our other products and to our next steps towards the Content Cloud ecosystem. 

This acquisition has not only increased our talent base and allowed us to offer new products, but given our clients a larger suite of services to help them in more directions. It provides Rock Content a stronger voice and a more unified message, letting clients know we’re ready and willing to help them achieve their goals, especially where quality content is concerned.

We’re looking forward to continuing our mission to provide marketing services, especially with the addition of WriterAccess.


Human Crafted Content

Find top content freelancers on WriterAccess.

Human Crafted Content

Find top content freelancers on WriterAccess.

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