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How InfoStream Managed to Create High-Quality Content for Different Industries With WriterAccess

How to Create High-Quality Content for Clients From Different Industries? InfoStream’s Secret is WriterAccess

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InfoStream Solutions leverages technology to make business better. From manufacturers and educational institutions to everything in between, InfoStream has helped companies and organizations develop and enhance their online brands.





Since 2008, InfoStream Solutions has been helping companies and organizations build and improve their online branding with specialized digital marketing, SEO, web design, and lead generation services. With approximately 30 clients representing a wide range of industries, InfoStream is often tasked with providing web copy, blog posts, and other written content as part of each client’s digital marketing strategy.

In January 2020, InfoStream made the decision to start working with WriterAccess, completely transforming their content creation processes and boosting their own credibility in the content creation space. And they haven’t looked back—relying on WriterAccess for up to 25 new orders per month.

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with InfoStream’s own Chief Operating Officer (COO), Andrea Simmons. In our interview, we discussed the unique challenges that led InfoStream to WriterAccess, what set WriterAccess apart from other platforms, and the results InfoStream has achieved as a result.

The Challenge of Creating Quality Content Across Industries

Prior to working with Rock Content’s WriterAccess, Simmons explains the challenges that InfoStream faced in delivering quality, specialized content to clients across a diverse range of industries. Content is a key element in their work—whether they are building a website, developing digital marketing plans for social media, or tackling SEO.

Before WriterAccess, InfoStream had a team of extremely talented in-house writers. However, as Simmons discusses, “No matter how skilled our [in-house] content writers are, it wasn’t possible for them to have experience in all industries. It wasn’t possible for them to know our clients or our client’s industries.”

As a result, InfoStream’s in-house writers were spending large amounts of time conducting research for specific industry content, resulting in delayed project timelines and frustration. Meanwhile, Simmons explains “We would lose credibility with our clients because, yes, we had a writer—but we didn’t know their business well enough.”

Enter WriterAccess: Managed Services, Specialized Writers, and Built-In Quality Control

Encountering these challenges, the team at InfoStream began looking into other options for content creation. They needed writers who would be able to create quality content for any industry as a means of boosting credibility and confidence with their clients while keeping projects on track.

They tried different freelancer platforms like Freelancer and Fiverr, but they quickly found that finding writers through these platforms was equally time-consuming because they needed to screen and select specialized writers for each client (and sometimes for each project).

Ultimately, InfoStream stumbled across WriterAccess and found that the platform had everything they were looking for to create quality content for their clients across every imaginable industry. The key differentiator, as Simmons explains, is WriterAccess’ Managed Services, a membership option that offers a dedicated point of contact, workflow management, and hand-picked talent for a company’s unique needs.

“We were very much drawn to that to save time and energy, and also have confidence in [the] product. Michelle has been our Managed Service provider since we started and it’s been fantastic. […] I’ve personally worked with her in the beginning and now she works with all the project managers, but she and I still have been touching base as we develop the relationship and the volume of the work we’re doing.”

Working with WriterAccess has not only simplified the process of finding specialized writers for InfoStream’s diverse client base but has freed up valuable time and improved quality control. With WriterAccess, InfoStream and its clients are able to get content that is unique and reliable with a quick turnaround time.

The Results: Reliable Writing and SEO Services

Since starting with WriterAccess in January 2020, InfoStream has placed more than 2,200 orders and is now able to provide reliable writing and SEO services in a credible and stable way for all of its clients. Having Managed Services alleviates quality control concerns and offers a consistency that improves their relationship and reputation with their clients. 

Meanwhile, InfoStream’s team members no longer need to spend their valuable time writing job descriptions and placing ads for individual freelancer writers to meet their content requirements. Instead, they can simply pass along what they’re looking for to their Managed Services provider and have access to qualified, hand-picked talent quickly.

Likewise, since using WriterAccess, every one of Infostream’s clients uses the company’s writing services—and the team is able to provide credible SEO services to clients as well. This has diversified their offerings and further solidified InfoStream’s reputation in the digital marketing realm.

And despite the current trend to turn to AI platforms like ChatGPT for content creation, Simmons maintains that the actual value of marketing content lies in its authenticity and its ability to speak to a customer’s pain points. As she explains, “We believe that there’s going to come a time when authentic content is going to be higher-ranked than something that’s AI-generated. […] We do believe in authenticity because, in the past, we’ve seen that win.”

With WriterAccess, companies like InfoStream get authentic, well-researched, quality content that they can feel proud delivering to their clients. And that’s what will set it apart from anything generated by a chatbot.

The Bottom Line

When InfoStream needed a diverse pool of writers to meet its clients’ wide range of content needs, WriterAccess was able to deliver. Meanwhile, the WriterAccess platform and the Managed Service offering continue to deliver, with approximately 25 new content assets created for Infostream each month. Now, what can we do for you? Get in touch to learn more or get started with a free demo today.

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