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How RivalMind Uses WriterAccess to Ramp Up Content Production by 67%

Discover how RivalMind increased its content production while maintaining high-quality standards through collaboration with WriterAccess




Content Production

67% Increase in Content Production

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As a full-service digital marketing agency, RivalMind launched in 2010 and offers a wide range of marketing services for small and medium-sized businesses across a number of specialized industries. From website development and design to SEO, paid media, and social media, RivalMind’s website notes that “we exist to help companies thrive.”

A major component of RivalMind’s offerings centers around SEO and content creation, with marketing strategies calling for blog posts, in-depth articles, and other quality content. To help meet its clients’ content creation needs, RivalMind began working with WriterAccess in 2017.

We recently had the opportunity to speak with RivalMind’s own Harley Helmer, Head of Search Marketing Strategy, to learn more about the company’s experience working with WriterAccess and the results they’ve seen thus far.

The Challenge: Creating Specialized, Quality Content Across Industries

Harley explains that before discovering WriterAccess, content creation at RivalMind was a major challenge. Initially, the company had a team of in-house writers and editors. These were highly talented and qualified writers who specialized in topics ranging from medicine to mechanics and manufacturing.

The problem, Harley explains, is that RivalMind provides content for clients across a diverse range of industries—so finding writers who had the specialized degree of industry knowledge required for each client became a challenge. As a result, it was difficult for in-house writers to maintain the content quality that clients needed and expected.

From there, RivalMind turned to some other writing partners but found that it was still difficult to get these writers to understand each client’s business deeply.

The Solution: WriterAccess Managed Services

In 2017, RivalMind decided to try Rock Content’s WriterAccess platform to meet their content needs. By working with WriterAccess, Harley explains that RivalMind was able to find the specialized writers needed for each client’s unique industry and content requirements.

With access to more than 15,000 diverse and vetted writers on the platform, RivalMind found that they could easily build a team of remote freelance writers to tackle their content needs without sacrificing quality.

In March of 2022, RivalMind took things a step further by becoming a Managed Services client with WriterAccess. Specifically, Managed Services provide clients with a dedicated Account Manager who can handle everything from setting up order templates to managing workflow and finding the best writers for each individual project.

Regarding Managed Services with WriterAccess, Harley explains, “One of the things that have been best is the ability for my content manager to pitch potential clients to our WriterAccess account manager, so we can find writers for our client’s niches and run casting calls.”

This has made it possible for RivalMind to find writers with valuable experience in various industries, including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Food packaging
  • Financial services

In the past, this had been difficult to do because of the legal and compliance nuances that often go into writing this type of content (and the quality control needed to ensure the content is done right).

With Managed Services from WriterAccess, RivalMind has been able to establish rule sets, build creative briefs, and set up a reliable review process to ensure the particularities and expectations of each client are met. As a result, RivalMind is able to consistently deliver specialized quality content to its clients without missing a deadline.

The Results: A 67% Increase in Content Production (With More Growth to Come)

Harley explains that the volume, variety, and flexibility of writers in WriterAccess have been extremely helpful in meeting their clients’ expectations. As a small-to medium-sized marketing agency writing between 80,000 and 100,000 words per month, RivalMind can rely on WriterAccess to ensure quality content and keep their content creation on-track.

Meanwhile, Harley and the rest of the RivalMind team know that they can always reach out to their dedicated account manager for anything they need.

Since working with WriterAccess, RivalMind has been able to scale their content creation in ways that simply weren’t possible with their in-house writing team. In 2023 alone, they went from 60,000 to 90,000 words per month on average (a 67% growth in content production). By the end of the year, they’re projected to reach between 100,000 and 200,000 words per month.

“We are confident in WriterAccess’s ability to allow us to scale the volume and keep the quality that we need. We have an aggressive growth goal and would love to be one of the largest WriterAccess accounts one day,” Harley says. “It’s been great. We’ve been using the Managed Services for about a year now and it met our needs every time.”

Discover more about this amazing collaboration by watching the video featuring Harley Helmet: WriterAccess Success Stories – RivalMind

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