The 4 best live blogging platforms to use in 2022

The 4 best live blogging platforms to use in 2020

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A common challenge for professionals working with Digital Marketing is to generate leads and, consequently, sales.

Therefore, it’s essential to keep an eye on new strategies that can increase your engagement

One of them is getting to know the best live blogging platforms available in the market.

You can capture the user’s attention with greater ease by providing constant updates on the same page.

But it’s important to find ways to differentiate yourself from other competitors within a broad competition scenario, and one of these approaches can be a live blogging strategy.

This task, however, is not so simple to put into practice. So, besides explaining what this concept is and the benefits of this strategy, we’ll also approach the best live blogging platform available for your business.

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What is live blogging?

Microsoft study shows that the online user’s attention span is getting shorter, averaging 8 seconds

Therefore, it is necessary to create more engaging content, and a widely used strategy is to live blogging.

In practice, it means updating the same page in real-time about a particular subject, from the coverage of the presidential elections to even a basketball game.

It’s possible not only to publish updates on this page but also to perform a Q&A in real-time.

The goal is to increase engagement through interactive content, avoiding the buyer persona to leave the page for more information. Everything will be presented in a single post.


What are the benefits of a live blogging strategy?

With so much content available in the online world, what companies want most is to keep their audiences, and this can only be done through engagement.

It’s precisely what a live blogging strategy offers. The visitor interacts in real-time with your brand, which reinforces a feeling of belonging.

Thinking long term, this is a very efficient way to strengthen the digital presence of your brand.

Little by little, it makes your company be seen as an authority on the subject. Then, the user starts to see more credibility in your message, which creates an even closer relationship.

They go to your live blogging page whenever they want to know about a subject. 

Within a broader Content Marketing strategy, the benefits of live blogging are numerous for your reputation.


What are the 4 best live blogging platforms to use?

Now that you know what live blogging is, the benefits for your Digital Marketing plan, check out the best live blogging platforms?

1. Live

Live is a complete solution for live coverage. It offers several options for live reporting and social engagement to create a unique experience for the visitor.

Besides live blogging, which can be used in covering events, it is also possible to use the live Q&A feature.

The tool allows the use of visual pinboards to capture the user’s attention, displaying its main pieces of content to visitors. Another possibility is monetization, which allows attracting sponsors to make your coverage even more profitable.

Its differential is usability, offering the same features as the competition, but with the advantage of a simplified experience. With Engage, you won’t only create new content but also monitor it to evaluate the performance of your strategies.

live banner

2. is a free-coding platform, that allows the user to customize the entire page, according to the event or intention of your real-time coverage. 

With a simple HTML tag or the addition of a WordPress plugin, you can use this service. 

Fully integrated, its advanced technology allows simplified use of relevant social network content to increase engagement with your audience.

This tool is also SEO friendly, contributing to position your website better in organic results.

For sites with low traffic, the tool can even be free. For larger companies, on the other hand, plans range from US$104 to US$204.

3. 24liveblog

With over 10,000 websites using it, 24liveblog is a significant option in the segment. 

With simple customization to be added, the solution also offers a specific service of lead generation and monetization.

A pop-up collects email addresses of those who access your publication, increasing your contact base. 

Also, the real-time chat feature not only allows visitors’ comments but also makes donations.

For pages with less than 100,000 monthly views, the tool is free, but it doesn’t offer all features. The Premium version costs US$39 per month.

4. Live Blog

Aimed at media companies and independent journalists, its primary benefit is the simple and user-friendly interface. 

Even those who don’t master more in-depth resources can benefit from live blogging and increase engagement with the audience.

With a drag and drop system, you can easily add social network content to your publication. Optimized for the mobile version, Live Blog fits the minimum requirements to offer a relevant user experience. 

Audio, video and text features can also be easily added. However, the tool is paid for, with prices ranging from US$ 99 to US$ 385 per month.

To take advantage of the benefits this strategy offers, you need to know more about the best live blogging platforms and, of course, what will be useful for your audience.

From these answers, you need to choose a tool that fits your budget and start offering content increasingly relevant to your audience.

And if you’re deepening your studies in this area, check out our content on how to properly live blog during elections!


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