Bottom-of-Funnel Marketing Content Ideas and Tactics to Finalize Brand Conversions

The marketing funnel is divided into three parts that all require time and commitment in order to successfully guide customers through the buyer’s journey. The bottom-of-funnel tactics you employ help to turn leads into customers of your brand.

Updated: May 12, 2023
Bottom-of-Funnel Marketing Content Ideas and Tactics to Finalize Brand Conversions

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The process of turning a lead into a customer is often referred to as the marketing funnel

This funnel represents the different stages that a prospect will go through from first hearing about your brand to making the final conversion to customer. 

By giving your leads the right content at the right moments of their buyer’s journey, you can help guide them through the funnel and increase your total conversions. 

But why does the bottom-of-funnel require special dedication when it’s not a lead generation stage for customers? 

What tactics are most helpful while planning your bottom-of-funnel strategies, and why is it important to invest in the bottom of your marketing funnel? 

In this article, we’ll answer those questions and provide you with the best content formats to push for that important final conversion to a customer in your marketing strategies.

    What is Bottom-of-Funnel Marketing?

    Bottom-of-funnel marketing is the final step in the marketing funnel. The marketing funnel can be divided into three stages: 


    The awareness stage of the buyer’s journey, where your audiences are becoming aware of your brand and what it is you can offer them.


    The consideration stage of the buyer’s journey, where your audiences start to learn more about your brand and what sets you apart from your competitors.


    The decision stage of the buyer’s journey, where your audiences are making their final deliberations before choosing what brand they will become a customer of and buy from. 

    Each stage of the marketing funnel plays a key role in the process of turning a new lead into a loyal customer. 

    The final stage, the bottom of your funnel, is also the narrowest. Those who have already decided not to purchase from you have left the funnel, so all that is left are a few, highly-qualified leads that are close to their final decision. 

    Nurturing those leads and helping them make the final conversion into a customer is key to bottom-of-funnel marketing success. 

    However, there are challenges that you’ll face as audiences in this stage want specific, detailed content that can address their final questions and concerns about your brand. 

    If your bottom-of-funnel marketing strategy isn’t optimized, you can lose those highly-qualified audiences right before they make a final decision. 

    You’ll need to be problem-aware, solutions-focused, and available in order to push your leads through to the final conversion.

    The Importance of Investing in the Lower Funnel

    As the final stage before a purchase decision is made, the bottom of your marketing funnel requires detailed planning in order to convert your leads to customers. 

    It’s the last chance you get to make a final impression on your prospects before they make a decision. 

    You’re fighting tightly against your competitors to get the sale, and often don’t have much time to convince them to convert. 

    Your lower funnel efforts also have a major effect on the first two stages of the marketing funnel. If you can’t close the deal at the end of the funnel, it can make your earlier efforts feel like they didn’t amount to anything. 

    That can decrease your ROI on top-of-funnel and middle-of-funnel activities, lower your team’s morale, and make it hard to focus on lead generation strategies.

    Why Bottom-of-Funnel Matters

    When you can succeed in bottom-of-funnel marketing tactics, you are able to create a refined lead nurture strategy that takes new leads through the buyer’s journey and turns them into loyal customers for your brand. 

    Bottom-of-funnel marketing is much more like sales than the other parts of the marketing funnel. 

    This is the stage where you can deliver hard pushes to make a decision, offer limited-time deals, and get into the specific details of your brand’s products and services. 

    Successful bottom-of-funnel marketing tactics will be the final push audiences need to become a customer. 

    When combined with successful middle-of-funnel and top-of-funnel marketing strategies, it doesn’t need to be too hard to make that final argument go in your favor.

    5 Bottom-of-Funnel Tactics to Increase Conversions

    Now that you understand why the bottom-of-funnel marketing strategies you create matter to your brand’s goals, let’s take a look at some of the tactics you can use to increase conversions and seal the deal on your decision stage marketing efforts.

    1. Give Detailed Product Comparisons

    While highlighting the negatives of your competition in the early stages of your marketing funnel can come off as aggressive and unhelpful, the final decision stage is a perfect time to give your leads some detailed product or service comparisons. 

    Product A vs. Product B” or “Brand A vs. Brand B” keywords are great for SEO, so you can help garner organic traffic that cares about how you stand up against the competition. 

    However, you’ll want to make sure that you don’t create a bullying page that reads negatively to audiences. 

    Instead, focus on what makes your brand, products, and services great and how the things you do make you stand out.

    2. Offer Promo Codes or Special Discounts

    Sometimes leads need a little extra help before they make the decision to become a customer. 

    Offering a promo code or special discount can give your audiences an incentive to become a customer and encourage them to make their final decision in your favor. 

    Whether it’s a once-only discount or a promo code that doesn’t expire, you can be certain that offering money-saving incentives to customers works. 

    And, if your product then delivers on promises, you can bring that customer back as a return customer at full price later on.

    3. Hand Leads Off to Sales Team Members

    Your bottom-of-funnel marketing is a great place to improve your marketing and sales handoffs and communications. 

    If you have a lead who is nearing the end of their marketing funnel journey but has specific questions or concerns that they want to continue addressing, it might be time to get them in touch with a salesperson. 

    Your sales team can offer one-on-one attention to a lead and answer specific inquiries and concerns that they might have without needing to make an entire blog or infographic to address the issue. 

    It also helps create better cooperation and a seamless transition between your internal sales and marketing personnel.

    4. Provide Detailed Use Cases and Testimonials for Your Audiences

    When a lead nears the end of their buyer’s journey, they are faced with the hard decision to make a purchase choice. 

    Whether your products or services are expensive or lower in the price range, it’s still a monetary commitment from a customer. 

    That can make it hard for your leads, especially if they are new to your solutions. 

    Case studies allow you to give a detailed use case of how your products or services bettered a previous customer’s life or provided a solution to their pain points. 

    It helps your new leads picture themselves in the previous customer’s shoes and visualize how your brand’s solution can help them address their own problems and concerns. 

    In addition to use cases, you can also give testimonials to your audiences that showcase exactly what people who have bought from you think about your brand. 

    Combining a powerful case study with a testimonial from a customer can be the final push a lead needs to make a purchase decision.

    5. Build a Powerful Pricing Page

    Your pricing page is a key conversion tool that can impact your bottom-of-funnel marketing efforts. 

    A pricing page helps your audiences see exactly what they are getting for when they pay for your brand. 

    This helps them understand how to budget for your products or services and gives them reassurance about what they will receive in exchange for payment. 

    You’ll want your pricing page to be easy to understand while being honest and truthful about the pricing. 

    You’ll also want to have a clear call to action, as the pricing page may be the last thing a lead looks at before making their final call.

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    Bottom-of-Funnel Content Ideas

    Now that you know the tactics that can help you improve your bottom-of-funnel efforts, you can plan out your strategies with more effectiveness. 

    But you’ll also need the right content formats. Here is a list of some of the best content ideas and formats for bottom-of-funnel marketing strategies: 

    • Case studies
    • Product and service comparison pages
    • Testimonials
    • Webinars
    • Detailed videos
    • Product demos
    • Free trials
    • Promo codes and discounts
    • Paid advertisements
    • Pricing page

    Wrap Up

    The bottom-of-funnel marketing tactics you employ are the final step to pushing a lead through the funnel to become a loyal customer of your brand. 

    By spending the time required to create high-value content pieces, you can maximize your opportunities for conversion and optimize your marketing funnel process. 

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