The 7 Best Content Marketing Jobs Out There

If you are looking for a change of career within the marketing industry, or if you are new to marketing altogether and would like to work in this sector, then do not miss this guide. We have rounded up the best content marketing jobs to either launch or elevate your career in content marketing.

The 7 Best Content Marketing Jobs Out There

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“Content is king”, famously stated American business and tech mogul Bill Gates back in the mid-1990s.

And guess what? More than 20 years later, this continues to be true.

Any successful marketing strategy, whether digital or not, has at its core some amazing content. As a result, any successful marketing expert should be very knowledgeable about content marketing.

Content marketing is also an exciting professional field that’s constantly brimming with new, interesting, and well-paid roles.

Whether you are a seasoned marketer looking to take your career up a notch, or if you have only just started out in marketing and are seeking an entry-level position, then this guide is for you.

We have handpicked the seven best content marketing jobs to give you the inspiration and motivation you need to supercharge your career.

    1. Content Marketing Writer

    With the global coronavirus pandemic forcing millions to work remotely, freelance jobs have experienced a massive surge in popularity.

    And if the prospect of working from the comfort of your own couch, while sipping on a freshly made latte sounds like a dream come true, then a career in freelance content writing might be right up your street.

    Of course, writing content for marketing purposes requires many important skills, including mastery of the language you are going to be writing in, experience in the sector (either acquired through work or study), a solid portfolio, and knowledge of SEO.

    You will also need to refine your research, editing, and proofreading abilities, and make sure you understand and follow your clients’ briefs and adhere to their deadlines.

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    2. Social Media Manager

    Do you love social media? Are you a great communicator and possess exceptional organizational skills?

    A Social Media Manager might just be the perfect career for you. In this role, you will need to create, share, and oversee content that your company produces for its social media channels.

    To understand how your customers interact with your company, you will need to harness some specific analytics tools, which will help you tailor your social media content creation.

    You will also be required to design and deliver social media content campaigns to attract, engage, and inform customers — both new and established ones.

    3. Content Strategist

    If you live and breathe marketing strategy, then why not explore the possibility of becoming a Content Strategist?

    These professionals develop content that is fully tailored to a company’s brand strategy — which includes a company’s goals and its target audience.

    As a Content Strategist, you will need to be able to use specific analytics tools in order to dig out the most engaging, relevant, and popular topics for your target audience, and create effective content that will help drive more traffic towards your company’s digital channels.

    4. SEO Specialist

    Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential aspect of all great content.

    This is because it’s what actually helps your content be found, be relevant, and be read and shared.

    If you are an SEO addict, then you might want to consider a career as an SEO specialist

    This professional helps to create content that matches the current search engine algorithms, to ensure that the right audience comes across it and sees it.

    You can either choose to become a freelance SEO specialist or work for one company as an in-house member of the SEO team, depending on your preferences.

    5. Content Marketing Coordinator

    If you are only just starting out in content marketing, then a junior position as Content Marketing Coordinator is the first, essential step for you.

    Because you are going to be new to the content marketing team and still need to learn the ropes, you will be asked to create basic forms of content, coordinate content creation and distribution across different channels, and sometimes manage and create editorial calendars.

    6. Content Marketing Manager

    One step up from the entry-level role of Content Marketing Coordinator is the Content Marketing Manager.

    This position requires you to possess and demonstrate strong skills in both content creation and supervision, as well as team management and relationship building.

    You might be asked to supervise a small in-house team, or a pool of freelance content writers, or sometimes a combination of both.

    7. Vice President of Content Marketing

    You have many years of (stellar) experience in content marketing. You have cut your teeth on entry-level content marketing jobs. You have climbed up to reach a prestigious position as a Content Marketing Director or even Senior Director.

    Think that this is all you can aspire to? Think again.

    For talented content marketing experts like you, a further step on your career path may include becoming the Vice President of Content Marketing.

    In this role, you will need to both manage several, large teams as well as grow their talent and implement important business decisions and strategies.

    You are also likely to be dealing with the supervision and final approval of content that gets delivered on a global scale and on multiple platforms simultaneously.

    Other aspects of this position include business, governance, and technology management — all in relation to content, of course.

    Wrap Up: Content Marketing Jobs to Suit Every Content Lover

    As you have seen, regardless of the specific interest, experience, and set of skills that you have, there are plenty of great content marketing jobs out there for you.

    For those who are just starting out, a position as a Content Marketing Coordinator might be perfect, whereas if you already have a fair bit of experience, you can aim for something more complex — and better paid— such as Content Marketing Manager or Vice President of Content Marketing.

    There are also lots of opportunities for those who are passionate about social media, strategy, branding, and SEO, as well as those who love to work from home and would like to follow the freelance route.

    Taking a digital marketing course can be a fantastic way to further your career in content marketing. Check out the ones available in our blog post!


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