6 Best Data Visualization Examples of 2022

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Data visualization examples could help you understand how data is relevant nowadays. It represents data in a visual context to help people who use static plans, such as maps, to understand the information concept.

With this piece of content, we can show information easily and quickly to exhibit indicators, trends, and narratives with details that may otherwise go undetected.

We can take better decisions and improve processes with data. According to IBM, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every day from social media, sensors, webpages, ERPs, CRMs and TMSs.

Most companies’ difficulty is to get Big Data in a more accurate and understandable way. Ready to know the importance of data visualization, how it works, and formats to make this concept sense? Keep reading!

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What are the 6 best data visualization examples of 2022?

There are examples of data visualization that effectively demonstrate the power of image resources and information quality to convince people about different concepts and causes, from areas such as marketing, business and consumer goods, to history and sustainability. The better you can visually convey your ideas, the more you can benefit from this information.

Here is a list of interactive and static data visualization examples to inspire you in 2022.

1. The advancement of COVID-19 in the world

Recently, the advancement of COVID-19 has been the best example of data visualization and the massive use of information for decision making. Governments in all countries are mobilizing to stem the spread of the virus, which started in China, but has now reached the world. The way this data is displaying, both statically and dynamically, is scary.

2. How To Profit In Space: A Visual Guide

This data visualization example was made by The Wall Street Journal. It plots the location of every satellite currently in orbit with a color code by use and by country of origin. The project exemplifies the battle being waged by enterprises and tech investors to capitalize on the business opportunities in space.

3. The Invisible Crime: Are We Failing Victims Of Sexual Violence?

This data visualization example was made by The Sydney Morning Herald and talks about sexual violence, an invisible crime that happens every place. This data visualization example mixes data, multimedia, and reports to attempt to give a count to these events.

4. Plastic Profusion

This data visualization example was made by National Geographic and shows all plastic waste into the oceans. An average rate of about nine million tons of plastic is thrown in the oceans a year.

Some elements such as wind and waves eventually break down ocean plastic to bits and the graphic shows how critical the situation is in some parts of the oceans.

5. Languages spoken around the world

This piece of interactive content introduces people that are non-linguist an impressive 2,678 existing language in the world, with storytelling and many details that most of us do not know:

  • common languages families;
  • number of speakers;
  • how many exchange words are among languages;
  • most spoken languages;
  • where languages are spoken.

6. Percent of U.S. population by age group

This is a data visualization example that shows the U.S. age pyramid and illustrates how age demographics are shifting over time. It was made by Pew Research with animated elements and is easy to share on social media or to embed in blogs.

They use a histogram to display the change in ideological consistency with the frequency of variables within a range of data. They also use bar charts to allow the user to see many age ranges at once, with different colors for men and women and showing how the shape of the population changes over time, and other formats to show:

  • distribution of republicans and democrats on a 10-item scale of political values;
  • percentage of U.S. population by age group, 1950-2060;
  • cities with the highest number of murders per 100.000 population;
  • average ideological placement on a 10-point scale of ideological consistency of those who got news from each source in a week;
  • percentage of favoring same-sex marriage.

What are the types of data visualization examples?

Some data visualization examples include real indicators, colors, and live parts to be flashy and to attract the reader’s attention to the information.

The content has to be simple, brief, original and mostly focused on an objective: the reader has to clearly and immediately understand the information, just like we describe below.


In the past, people displayed information on paper, by using graphs, tables, diagrams, maps, infographics, and panels, but all without resources to involve the reader.

Data started to be visualized by systems and tools with the evolution of multimedia resources and all the possibilities of the Internet. They multiplied the possibilities of combination and made the visualization of data more dynamic, with animations, interactive graphics, and maps with a variable scale.


Humans are sociable and need to interact naturally. It is also proved that people learn more by action. Some reasons to create interactive content are to get attention and to collect data: all that information could be analyzed to build better strategies. Interactivity could engage and attract readers because:

  • highlights data with action, color, and other elements;
  • allows the viewer to get a global sense of information;
  • is easily shared on social media;
  • is rapidly embedded in blogs;
  • is simple to understand in a single page.

Why data visualization is so important?

Before seeing some data visualization examples, you have to know why it is essential for any situation. Check it out.

It reveals trends

Data visualization can reveal patterns and trends hiding in Big Data. Every day, companies collect a large amount of data in their operational systems. It is raw data that says who bought what, where, when and in what quantity.

It is essential information for the business routine. If this information is used to detect buying trends, for example, they are practicing Business Intelligence (BI).

It puts information into context

One of the strengths of data visualization is their ability to place isolated pieces of information into a bigger context and make it more understandable when we think about the whole.

If we tell the audience that something is significant, but we do not convince them, they may never see how important it is.

It saves the reader’s time

Data visualization can summarize the amount of information: simplifying and consolidating a big volume of data in a piece of content that can be seen in less than a minute, and, in the process, save readers time and effort.

It empowers the narrative

Data visualization also democratize access to information: we have to think that some people cannot read in common ways. It also makes the content more interesting for all kinds of users and empowers them to get the visualization by images, interactive media, and animation.

It gives more perspective for a story

Putting the information in context, the visualization of data allows readers to apply the information in historical series, to give a temporal perspective to the result that will be visualized.

It explains a process

Data visualization makes the process easy to understand. We can break it down into parts and give the reader bite-sized pieces of information that are easily absorbable.

It stimulates the user’s imagination

Data visualization will not only do the hard work in helping to understand complex information, but it may also stimulate readers’ imagination by allowing them to think about different hypothetical possibilities and unexpected situations.

It could change a really bad scenario

Data could help people to change their minds and understand the real situation they are in. Recently, the virus report from Imperial College jarred the U.S. and the U.K. government to action about COVID-19 in their countries.

Made by a team of 50 scientists, relating to the World Health Organization and led by an epidemiologist, Neil Ferguson, this piece of data content with mathematical models changed these governments’ insights, because it had shown that COVID-19 would overwhelm hospitals and that they had no choice but to impose lockdown policies.

It is metaphoric

Metaphors are a good way to communicate complex ideas, making them simple to understand and to be visualized by symbols, signs, and comparisons.

Some data visualization examples, such as The Internet Map, created by Ruslan Enikeev, use this strategy. He uses planets in a solar system to exemplify the influence of websites in the Internet context.

There is another unusual and original way to explore constellations: this visualization was named one of the most beautiful data visualizations of 2017. It combines literature and astronomy.

The artist uses the grammatical structure of opening sentences from classics well-known works, such as Robin Hood and The Phantom of the Opera, to create a diagram in the form of a constellation for each sentence.

It could be a storytelling

Some data visualization examples are efficient to communicate information, convince people, and reveal trends. But it also could be storytelling, because it says an understandable story by steps that should not go ignored.

Interactive data visualization examples are unique and have an appeal to the senses: make all experience interactive with audio, images, and the possibility to click, hover, and scroll through content.

Ready to create interactive charts, infographics, and other pieces of content with an easy-to-use tool to help your audience to understand your message? Visually can help you to create your own data visualization, by interactive content. Let’s see all about interactive content development?

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