Email Marketing Services: How To Grow Your Business & Generate Revenue

Updated: December 13, 2023
email marketing services

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With so many businesses jumping on the email marketing bandwagon, it is becoming all too easy to fall behind the competition with an old-fashioned snail mail newsletter. 

By 2023, the number of global email users is expected to grow to 4.3 billion users. Businesses and individuals today need to have an email marketing service to drive revenue and stay relevant with their customer base in today’s world. 

This article will show why you need email marketing services to grow your business and help you choose a good service that provides all the tools you will ever need to communicate directly with your customers and secure new business.

    Why email marketing matters for your business

    Email marketing has a higher ROI than Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn combined. This makes email a necessity for any business, regardless of size.

    For every $1 spent on email marketing, it can bring you $42 in return

    And not only that, when you implement email marketing, you can send emails in bulk more effectively, manage and grow your email lists, track your email campaigns’ success better, and keep in line with local email regulations – all at once. 

    Plus, when you perfect email marketing, you can avoid your emails going into the spam folder. You might ignore instances where your email gets marked as spam, but if the spam complaints rate gets too high, your email service provider might block your account.

    Without further ado, here are the top reasons to leverage email marketing services to build an effective email marketing strategy.

    Reasons to leverage an email marketing service

    1. You can send emails in bulk more effectively

    Enterprises often need to send the same email to a vast group of recipients at once. It could be marketing messages, updates, newsletters, coupons, invitations, and so forth. 

    And it’s the email marketing platforms that make it possible to send emails in bulk more effectively.

    To send emails to a large group of subscribers, you need only a list of subscribers who have opted in. You can then use an email marketing platform to grow your list, manage it, and send automated campaigns in bulk. 

    Certain email marketing services even allow you to personalize your emails without using any coding or programming knowledge. This includes variables like the recipient’s first name, last name, email, company name, and more. 

    This means you can create email campaigns, send emails in bulk, and still woo potential and existing consumers using personalization and email marketing automation.

    Here’s an example of one of the many personalized campaigns run by Sephora: 

    These features also help you deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. 

    You can even use pre-designed email templates to save time. Most of the email marketing services like Moosend come with a multitude of attractive email templates and a visual drag-and-drop builder to make things simple. 

    These platforms also offer plenty of other benefits apart from email marketing automation and enabling you to send personalized messages. 

    For instance, they allow mailing list segmentation, improve conversions, encourage regular communication, reduce overhead costs, and more.

    2. Manage your email lists better

    To create effective marketing strategies, you have to start by building your email lists and manage them effectively. 

    Having your list of email subscribers is a critical component of any business. You don’t want to lose your contacts or miss sending an important marketing email when they were supposed to receive it. You can’t keep track of everything by yourself, which is why you need an email marketing service provider.

    These services help you manage tags, segments and clean and scrub the contacts in your list regularly. Having a high-quality email list will naturally allow you to send more targeted emails to nurture your leads and potential customers.

    For instance, once a subscriber opts-in to receive your emails, you can slot them into a separate email segment and start sending a welcome message to thank them and confirm their subscription. 

    Here’s an example of Airbnb’s welcome email:

    You can further create more tags and segments based on their response to your welcome email. 

    Monitoring email frequency, maintaining list hygiene, launching a re-engagement campaign, and helping them opt out are other ways to manage your email list.

    This smooth functioning of an entire process, which includes list building, managing, and organization of that email list, and keeping track of email engagement metrics, is only possible due to modern-day email marketing platforms. They make it possible to streamline and automate everything and get it done from a central admin area. 

    3. You can track your email campaign success better

    Reviewing your campaign and monitoring the metrics are crucial to your email marketing campaigns’ success. Tracking the metrics will help you understand how subscribers are resonating with the campaign to optimize it based on figures.

    Email marketing tools help you analyze essential metrics like click-through rates, conversion rates, open rates, and email deliverability to measure your email campaign success. Apart from that, you can also track bounce rates, unsubscribe rates, overall ROI, list growth rate, and email forwarding rate.

    Some email marketing services even let you determine how many customers made a purchase or took the intended action. 

    For instance, here’s HubSpot’s email analytics dashboard. 

    The dashboard reveals that 8.9% of the email recipients clicked through the email. The metrics show 22 unique clicks and 72 total clicks. It also shows that 1.7% of subscribers have clicked through on a mobile device and 6.2% on a desktop.

    The fact that all these metrics are presented visually and are easy to digest even for a novice is another bonus. 

    For example, you don’t have to be an expert to determine how many people read the email, skimmed through it, or just had a glance. Email marketing service providers make these statistics easy to understand. 

    4. Keep in line with local email regulations 

    A legitimate email marketing service ensures that its clients comply with all rules and regulations and supports them every step of the way. Several laws guide email marketing use for commercial purposes. The laws will vary depending on where your business is based.

    As a business, you will have to follow the local email regulations. It not only offers you legal protection, but you will also be able to build customer trust and confidence as you are putting their wants and needs first.

    For instance, if your business is in the US, under the FTC’s CAN-SPAM Act, you are not required to take permission before you add users in the US to your mailing list or send them commercial messages. But by law, you will have to offer users a way to opt-out of further contact.

    Under EU law, you have to get the informed consent of the user before adding them to your email list.

    Besides, you need to set up a Privacy Policy and ensure your emails are compliant with the anti-spam legislation in your state and the states your customers are from. Implementing all these requirements in your email marketing will produce significant positive results. 

    The best email marketing services to know

    Here are the best email marketing services you need for your business and to generate revenue:

    1. Mailchimp

    MailChimp is one of the most popular email marketing services for small business and nonprofit websites. You can do everything, from automation to tracking and optimizing your emails via split testing. 

    Mailchimp’s email marketing templates are also flexible and intuitive, making it easy to send emails that subscribers will interact with. The best part is that these templates are grouped in different categories so that you can easily decide which one is best suited to your needs. 

    They have templates for all your requirements, including welcome email templates, templates to notify customers of a sale, or templates to wish someone a happy birthday.

    Other than this, you get access to multiple layouts, pre-built automation workflows, and a visual drag-and-drop builder. 

    The best part is that the email marketing platform also offers a free plan to send email marketing campaigns to up to 2,000 subscribers. 

    If you want to make the most out of your MailChimp subscription, make sure to follow this resource on how to build MailChimp campaign reports

    2. ActiveCampaign

    Activecampaign is a powerful email marketing tool that helps you automate and organize your emails so you can stop wasting time and start growing your business.

    It even allows you to activate your entire customer experience with over 270 automation workflows and a full-scale built-in CRM platform. 

    Here’s an example of Welcome automation workflow by ActiveCampaign: 

    You can implement precise targeting to find the right prospects, grow your audience, and develop your relationship with your audience by offering tailored guidance. As their confidence in you grows, you can provide individual audience members well-timed calls to action to take the next step.

    Other key email marketing features include advanced segmentation, A/B testing, in-depth reporting to monitor traffic, and more. 

    3. SendinBlue

    Sendinblue is an intuitive email marketing platform for growing businesses. If you are a beginner, you can use it to start growing your list. 

    The free plan gives you unlimited time to grow your list, provided you only have to send up to 300 emails/day. It makes it easy to create sign-up or subscription forms, build email campaigns with a drag and drop editor, create and edit your own automation flows, and schedule and send out promotional campaigns. You can also step up the design, engagement, and deliverability of your transactional email messages. 

    Sendinblue is also an excellent email marketing service to automate your emails and generate engagement

    4. OmniSend

    Omnisend is an easy-to-use platform for omnichannel and email marketing, SMS, and automation to grow your revenue.

    The email marketing service provider helps you build and send personalized newsletters to a targeted audience and boost sales. 

    You can also leverage segmentation to increase engagement, automated emails, and the added potential of SMS. The pre-built workflows for cart abandonment, welcome series, and transactional emails, etc., are tailored to help you win more sales and make the most of your email marketing efforts.

    Further, you can segment your customers based on their shopping behavior to improve conversions with targeted, personalized emails.

    5. Constant Contact

    Constant Contact is another email marketing service on this list. It has all the tools you need in one place to achieve your business’s email marketing goals. Whether you have something to say or sell any product or service, Constant Contact’s email marketing tools will let you stand out while you get the word out. 

    The easy-to-use editing tools will help you customize your emails, and then you can track your success with their real-time reporting and robust analytics.

    You can even browse hundreds of mobile-optimized templates for everything starting from promoting sales to launching a new product.

    6. ConvertKit

    ConvertKit is a simple email marketing service for bloggers, new marketers, startups, and small businesses. It allows you to create beautiful forms and marketing emails with various customization options, automation workflows, and a visual builder.

    They even have a free plan that lets you manage up to 1,000 subscribers, send email broadcasts, and build unlimited landing pages and forms. The only downside is that it doesn’t offer pre-design email templates like its counterparts. 

    7. GetResponse

    GetResponse is a powerful email marketing tool to send emails, create pages, and automate your overall digital marketing. Its lead generation tools will help you find new customers, build your email list, and turn anonymous connections into loyal fans. 

    It comes with professional email templates, easy design tools, and proven deliverability. 

    You can use newsletters to send one-time email broadcasts with updates and special offers. The autoresponders will allow you to create automated email sequences to follow up with and nurture your subscribers. 

    Apart from that, the automated blog digest will help you increase your blog’s reach and share posts via email and on social media. To know more about email marketing automation and how you can use it, check out this resource.

    What’s more, you can send perfectly-timed email campaigns with Perfect Timing and Time Travel delivery tools and send transactional emails.

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    This article was written by Mark Quadros. He is a SaaS content marketer that helps brands create and distribute rad content.  On a similar note, Mark loves content and contributes to several authoritative blogs like HubSpot, CoSchedule, Foundr, etc. Connect with him via LinkedIN or twitter.


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