5 techniques to increase user interaction on your blog

5 techniques to increase user interaction on your blog

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One of the main challenges of Digital Marketing is to enhance the engagement of visitors with your pages.

After all, the goal is turning the readers of your blog into leads and then convert them, right? To do so, you need to find ways to increase user interaction.

There is no point in creating different attraction strategies and investing in ads if, when arriving at your website, the user doesn’t interact.

This means that what they found on your page wasn’t attractive enough for them to continue there. 

To avoid this, we prepared this article with some techniques to increase user interaction in your blog. We will talk about the following topics:

Continue reading to learn about new strategies that can enhance user engagement with your blog!


What is user interaction and why is it so important?

User interaction represents all actions that visitors perform with the interface of your pages. 

They click on a specific piece of content, fill out a form, or even make a comment in a blog post.

The more interactions, the more efficient your strategy is, indicating that the user has found something relevant.

The goal of any page is to deliver useful content to the user, right? The best way to do this is through engagement.

It involves making the visitor spend as much time as possible in contact with your company or make the decision you expect, such as purchasing or registering.

This is a concern that any marketer should have. After all, the longer the user’s time on your pages, the higher the engagement and more possibilities to get a conversion.

Then, your audience tends to become more loyal and trust your brand, returning in the future. If your content is not interesting, the user may feel deceived and cease trusting your company.

Also, metrics such as bounce rate tend to raise, which can harm your ranking on search engines. 

Therefore, increasing user interaction can be a differential for those who want more leads and conversions.


How to increase user interaction in your blog? See 5 techniques

If increasing user interaction in your blog is so important, what can be done to optimize your pages’ results? Let’s see some techniques that can be very useful!

1. Know your audience

No matter how innovative the tool used to create your content is, nothing will work if it’s not relevant to your audience.

Therefore, the first step to reaching higher engagement, as simple as it may seem, is getting to know your audience and understanding what is relevant to those you want to attract.

2. Invest in usability

Also, the user needs to feel comfortable inside your pages. This means that they should have a positive experience when navigating your website, and that involves usability.

The design and all layout details should be taken into consideration to ensure that visitors can do what they need.

For example, this applies to the speed of your page. According to a Kissmetrics survey, 40% of users leave a page that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Each second more can represent a 7% loss in conversions.

3. Encourage the user to give feedback

It can be done through a form or the comments space in a blog post, for example. 

The important part is encouraging the user to leave their opinion on what they thought about your content or how their experience was on your website.

You can offer an area on your blog so that the reader leaves a comment after reading the content.

Creating evaluation surveys is also important. They allow you to receive feedback on what can be improved, and the user feels that their opinion is relevant. This helps them to start trusting your company even more.

4. Focus on interactive content

To impact your buyer persona, nothing better than employing interactive content in your blog.

According to your research, you can choose the formats that best fit your audience’s preferences. The goal is that the visitor feels instigated to interact with your content.

And the good news: there are many possibilities, like calculatorsinfographics, and even quizzesThe idea is that the feature offered is useful for the user.

A calculator that shows how much they can save by investing in SEO is an example. Or even an infographic that allows the customization of the data that will appear.

Interactive content also brings a bonus: it generates data about your audience, which can be used to enhance your content strategy.

5. Offer live experiences

Another way to ensure interaction with your audience is by offering live experiences. With updates in real-time, the user is invited to be part of that content.

An example is live blogging, which allows a constant updating of the same page to present everything new in an event.

Live streaming can also be an attractive option. The format allows you to answer visitors’ questions, which increases interaction with the audience and makes them feel valued.

live banner

Finding ways to increase user interaction in your blog is crucial for those who want to generate more leads and, consequently, more sales.

By adding the above techniques to your Digital Marketing plan, your chances of achieving better results increase exponentially.

Now that you know some techniques to generate more engagement with your audience, how about finding out how to increase your CTR with interactive content? Read our article and check out!


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