How to increase your CTR with interactive content

How to increase your CTR with interactive content

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If you work with Digital Marketing, you know that CTR, or click-through rate, is one of the most important KPIs that you should monitor in your strategy.

But did you also know that interactive content and CTR are in a very close relationship?

Interactive content is an approach that will allow you to gain your buyer persona’s attention. As a consequence, you will also get a higher engagement rate, which reflects on your CTR.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. In the next lines, we are going to explore the relationship between interactive content and CTR. The main topics will be:

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    How are interactive content and CTR related?

    The click-through rate is one of the main indicators that allow you to verify your Digital Marketing strategy’s efficiency. It represents the ratio between the number of visualizations and the number of clicks.

    Besides being an important KPI to define the marketing budget, it also helps bring more organic traffic to your website.

    The math is very simple. To know your CTR, all you have to do is divide the number of clicks by the number of visualizations. 

    So, this is the formula:

    CTR = number of clicks or impressions/number of visualizations

    But what does this indicator have to do with interactive content? Just everything! Interactive content is currently considered the next frontier in Digital Marketing. And that is because this kind of content is more engaging.

    Among billions of gigabytes of data produced every single day, the user’s attention is diffused. Thus, the focus is one of the most valuable “products” nowadays. In this context, interaction has proven to be more efficient in catching the user’s eyes.

    In case you are not convinced yet, maybe this number will change your mind: 96% of users finish a sponsored BuzzFeed quiz

    Also, if you search “buzzfeed quiz” on any keyword tool, you will see that it has a high volume of searches.

    buzzfeed volume

    So, what does this mean in practical terms? The obvious: interactive content gets people’s attention and make them want to interact. And by doing so, of course, they will be clicking on your content, consequently increasing your CTR. 

    What are the main kinds of content to increase your CTR?

    DBS report showed that, for each pound spent on an email strategy, there is an estimated ROI of 38 pounds — pretty awesome, right?

    However, if your company still isn’t ready to start investing in email marketing, interactive content is also welcome when it’s delivered embedded in your blog posts.

    In other words, this kind of material will be successful, no matter where you decide to use it within your strategy.

    If your focus is on increasing your CTR, then some kinds of content have an even higher success rate. 

    That’s exactly what we are going to check out in the following topics!

    1. Quizzes

    So let’s talk about those BuzzFeed stats with quizzes. How do they do that?

    Well, the truth is that quizzes are pretty awesome. They are fun, they bring information to the user, they are quick to complete, and they are useful in those micro boredom moments we all have.

    Maybe you are in your coffee pause from work, waiting in the line to pay your bills, or waiting for your date at a restaurant. A quiz is just the perfect content for this kind of occasion.

    Quizzes can be more complex or more simple, and they can be directly related to your core business or not so much. All this will depend on your strategy and the funnel stage your buyer persona is at.

    In every case, quizzes are inherently interactive content that generates a pleasant experience for the user and propels them to interact with your brand.

    2. Infographics

    Infographics are a great type of content because they lie in data visualization. Besides having the text that gives relevant information, you also have the support of illustration, graphics, and other visual elements to help you tell your story.

    This characteristic puts infographics in an advantageous position when compared to plain text. It also makes this kind of material highly shareable, which is always a good thing for your Digital Marketing strategy.

    However, as mentioned earlier in this article, the competition is fierce, and you need to make pieces that stand out. If you have read this article until this point, we believe that you already have the answer to this challenge.

    And you’ve probably guessed right — the solution lies on interactive content. Interactive infographics are more appealing to the user and a very powerful tool to increase your CTR.

    3. Ebooks

    Ebooks, as well as white papers, are among the richest materials you can provide to your user.

    When producing them, you can apply all your knowledge about your market and your specific segment. Thus, you will succeed in delivering value to the customer.

    If you have a good enough ebook, people will be happy to trade it for their email or other data. And this is the most valuable commodity of modern days.

    One way to make your ebook more appealing is to make it interactive. Thus, incorporate videos, assessmentscalculators, and other interactive resources, and you will have your users devouring your ebook and coming back for more.

    Wrap Up

    Interactive content and CTR are two elements that must be considered when planning out your Digital Marketing strategy. Since the former will help increase the latter, there is no point in separating them in your analysis.

    We bet you are excited to start using interactivity this very minute, right? So download our interactive content guide and see how to structure a solid strategy! 


    Start creating interactive content with Ion and increase your marketing results!

    Start creating interactive content with Ion and increase your marketing results!

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