Marketing Collaboration Software: The 7 Best Options Available

Marketing Collaboration Software: The 7 Best Options Available

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Marketing collaboration software has become essential to connect team members, especially nowadays, that work is developed in digital environments.

On these platforms, professionals can browse planning calendars, manage ongoing projects, and get informed about their daily duties. All this in a collaborative way.

In a new world scenario, where tools increasingly help connect people, it is essential to choose the right software.

In this post, we will talk more about the subject, addressing the following topics:

Keep reading and find out!

What is a marketing collaboration software?

Marketing collaboration software is a tool that helps connect people from a team to ensure they follow projects in an integrated system.

On these platforms, marketers can monitor, change, and control all their daily work duties.

Known as Software as a Service (SaaS), these platforms are hosted in a cloud. Users need only a username and password to use them from anywhere they may be.

With collaboration tools, all authorized users can access the same information. This feature is essential for work based on an integration between departments and marketers.

Among the main benefits of marketing collaboration software, we can highlight:

  • extended software team;
  • remote access;
  • optimized management of marketing teams;
  • monitoring task progress;
  • information sharing in a single platform;
  • everyone can access the same data, information, and files;
  • optimized communication.

What are the 7 best marketing collaboration software available? 

Different categories of collaborative software are essential in marketing. Each one of them is helpful for a specific need in a work routine.

Next, check out a selection of the top 7 available and see how they can help!

1. Markodojo

Markodojo is a marketing platform that covers everything necessary in a work routine.

This tool’s role is to centralize all work demands into a single environment, ensuring that every user can check marketing campaigns’ strategic information.

With Markodojo, you can manage content strategies, products, channels, online ads, events, PR, sales, and customers

For each one of these categories, it is possible to perform actions such as:

  • make comments on projects;
  • share documents, links, notes, and files;
  • write notes and markups in layouts;
  • create demand tracking tasks;
  • control access to projects for specific members;
  • invite external members to projects, such as clients.

In general, Markodojo is a collaborative tool that helps plan, manage, and share information for marketing projects created within it.


  • free version;
  • $50 on annually;
  • $65 on quarterly;

Check out the features included in each plan.

2. Brightpod

Brightpod is another great option for marketing project management in an intuitive and easy to operate interface.

The tool’s purpose is to make all the administrative work easier. This way, marketers can dedicate their time and efforts to strategic tasks.

In Brightpod, you can create a customized workflow and then manage a project with the level of detail you want.

In this option, you can use ready-made templates and add milestones and task lists to them. This way, work becomes faster and uncomplicated.

Brightpod among its features are:

  • planning calendars with project and client filters;
  • editorial calendar to manage content cycles (with a simplified click and drag system);
  • an event planning tool
  • file sharing (including the most varied formats). 


  • $29/month on Professional plan;
  • $59/month on Studio plan;
  • $99/month on Agency plan;
  • $199/month on Agency Plus plan.

You can use Brightpod for free in a 14 day trial. Access their pricing page to check features in each plan.

3. Slack

One of the most commonly used marketing collaboration software, Slack, aims to integrate people and facilitate the team routine.

With Slack, it is possible to create message groups for different departments, subjects, projects, or other necessary segmentation. Thus, it is possible to choose to include who is appropriate for a specific conversation.

Currently, this tool is much more than a messaging platform. It also allows making video calls. Thus, you can hold meetings, communicate with remote professionals, or maintain contact with clients.

One of Slack’s main advantages is the ease of accessing groups and message history at any time. With the structure of a chat, work becomes much simpler compared to exchanging e-mails.

Slack’s main features are:

  • mention alert tool (if you are mentioned in any chat, you are notified);
  • group creation to segment departments and projects;
  • possibility to send direct messages;
  • search and query of message history;
  • creation of channels with external members (suppliers, customers, and teams of partner companies);
  • voice and video calls;
  • workflow creation;
  • integration with several software and apps.


  • free version;
  • $4/month on Standard plan;
  • $7.50/month on Plus plan;
  • Enterprise Grid (on demand).

Check out the features of each plan.

4. Zoom

Zoom is one of the most indispensable tools when the subject is to hold remote meetings.

Zoom has simple and very easy to use features, but it guarantees high-quality video calls.

The platform aims to ensure that users can make remote contact with another participant or a group of people. In meetings, it is possible to allocate up to 100 attendees in a virtual room.

Marketing teams need to be in contact frequently, so Zoom is an indispensable tool. Some features that justify its use are:

  • video calls for direct calls or meetings;
  • chat rooms;
  • virtual infrastructure for webinars and online workshops;
  • conference rooms;
  • phone calls;
  • integrations with chatbots;
  • capacity for up to 10,000 viewers;
  • available via a mobile app.


  • free on Basic plan;
  • $149.90 on Pro plan;
  • $199.90 on Business plan;
  • $199.90 on Enterprise plan.

Check out each plan’s features on Zoom’s pricing page.

5. Google Workspace

Google recently announced a major change: formerly known as G Suite, Workspace is now the company’s new suite of applications.

This selection of Marketing collaboration software includes Gmail, Forms, Meet, Slides, Sheets, Sites, Chat, Calendar, Drive, Docs, and more.

All tools are integrated, which means that work teams can access documents and files in one place only. With this functioning, Workspace offers users a centralized environment.

Thus, collaborative work is easier, managing and sharing strategic information in a fast and secure way.

With Google Workspace, you can:

  • take notes;
  • share new editable text files;
  • schedule meetings;
  • share spreadsheets;
  • share slide presentations;
  • share calendar information;
  • create group chats.


  • 14 days trial for free;
  • $6/month on Business Starter plan;
  • $12/month on Business Standard plan;
  • $18/month on Business Plus plan;
  • Enterprise (on demand).

Check out each plan’s features on their pricing page.

6. Trello

Trello is a fully collaborative project management tool. Teams can check the progress of tasks, make comments, and delegate tasks to specific people.

You can organize the work using boards, lists, and cards. Users can prioritize projects and select who will participate in each one of them.

Trello’s most useful features are the categorization between completed, need to be done, and in-progress tasks.

Each project must enter one of these three categories, making the dashboard clearer and more organized.

With Trello, you can:

  • create teams from different categories;
  • include new members in each project at any time;
  • create new task cards;
  • attach files;
  • add checklists in each project;
  • create descriptions to projects;
  • integrate with several marketing tools;
  • set due dates;
  • remote access using any device;


  • free plan;
  • $12.50/month on Business Class plan;
  • $17.50/month on Enterprise plan (for 20 users).

Check out the features of each Trello plan.

7. Visually

Outsourcing services can also be done collaborativelyVisually aims to make this process simpler and more satisfactory for teams.

This tool is a platform for creating materials for visual marketing. It is a unique environment where marketers can connect with specialized professionals to achieve the best results for projects. 

In this space, you can create ideas in a collaborative way, generating detailed, accurate briefings. 

From this, platform professionals will help you create exactly what you need.

With Visually, you can request visual content like:

Using Visually, your project is conducted in three stages:

  1. briefing with the support of the platform questionnaire;
  2. reviewing the product offered, with feedback and comments, all via a collaborative approach;
  3. campaign approval and publication directly from the platform.

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Your team will become more organized in project management if you use good marketing collaboration software. The results will be more aligned with the company’s strategy, thanks to the greater participation of important people in this process.

So don’t waste more time! Scale your production with Visually, and guarantee that all of your team members will be aligned with your strategies. Request a quote!


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