Marketing Planning Software: The Best Options on The Market

Marketing Planning Software: The Best Options on The Market

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If you aim to optimize your campaigns and marketing tactics, you may be aware that you need software.

When it comes to solutions for that, there are obsolete options that can help you, although not efficiently, such as presentation software or spreadsheets.

On the other hand, you can look for robust marketing planning software, which offers assistance with automation and integration.

Those applications are the most modern and powerful alternatives on the market. So, it’s essential to have a clear vision of the prices, features, and the main differences.

This way, you will be able to achieve the best results with your Digital Marketing plan. If that’s what you’re after, you’re lucky. We have the best options for you below.

Feel free to check them out and discover which one will match your needs!

1. Monday


For marketing teams of any size, our first tip is excellent. Monday is a software solution that helps managers set a schedule and plan out their strategies.

It’s easy to use, allowing professionals to deal with SEO, social media, content, and pretty much any marketing need.

With Monday, you can define a calendar for your pieces, as well as select the member who will perform each task.

You will be able to boost efficiency with automation, customization, project management, predictive analytics, road mapping, team collaboration features, among others.

Besides, you get 24/7 support and personal training with experts. You can use those features for $7.80 per month, per user. But in case your brand wants to try it, there is a free trial available.

2. Toggl Plan

Toggl Plan

For project and task management, another great option is Toggl Plan.

It’s a visual planning tool that allows users to apply visual elements to organize their tasks. You can customize the board as you wish with some drag-and-drop components.

Its efficiency is very similar to Kanban’s, the agile methodology. Leaders can easily see what’s done and what to do.

This way, they can also monitor the performance of each team member and identify problems in productivity.

In case you need any help, the support team is available online during business hours. 

Toggl Plan costs $8 per month, per user. However, there’s a free version and a free trial period.

3. Bitrix24


Bitrix24 is another project management tool that can be very helpful for marketing planning. You can assign tasks to team members and set dependencies — a connection between those tasks.

With Bitrix24, your company will be able to plan email marketing, social media, SMS broadcasting, and much more.

You also get a full vision of what to do, just like in Kanban. The support team is available 24/7. The pricing starts at $24 per month, but there’s a free version.

4. ActiveCollab


ActiveCollab’s features include task dependencies, timesheets, time tracking, reporting, division of tasks into subtasks, task reminders, team communication, among others.

If your brand needs to organize tasks, as well as plan and monitor everything your employees are doing, it’s the right tool for you.

All of that is available for $6.25 per user, per month. Even though there’s not a free version, they offer a free trial.


For those that like to have the whole sales funnel mapped out, is a powerful alternative.

The tool allows you to align your marketing efforts and arrange them as a linear sequence to understand and optimize the buyer’s journey. You can also plan your blog posts, social media activity, emails, and much more.

Besides, there are some team collaboration features, as well as keyword planning. is available for free with limitations. But the paid version starts at $19 per month. 

Teams can learn more about the software with webinars, documentation, and personal assistance from experts.

6. Hive9


Hive9 is specifically useful to help leaders plan their marketing strategies and make better decisions.

The features embrace predictive analytics, reporting, customizable dashboards, integration with CRMs/data warehouses/workflows, campaign analysis, and more.

The prices start at $25,000 per year.

7. Marmind


With Marmind, you can plan campaigns, organize your budget, encourage team collaboration, and perform marketing analysis. The tool offers task and workflow management, as well as cost control.

Therefore, you will be able to know which of your campaigns is performing best and what you need to improve.

Marmind offers a free version. The paid one, though, is available for €1,200 per month.

8. Wrike


Wrike is perfect for task management and campaign planning. You can assign tasks to each of your team members, set deadlines, and measure progress.

The software also offers encryption to ensure security and some specific features for remote work.

Another advantage of Wrike is customization. Users can personalize dashboards and workflows to have everything organized visually. Also, the software offers integration and automation to boost efficiency.

Wrike is free when you have less than five users. The professional plan allows 15 users and costs $9.80 per user per month. The business plan allows 200 users for $24.80 per user per month.

9. Taskworld


Another versatile option is Taskworld. It focuses on task and project management.

The tool allows managers to define the schedule and have full control over the work that teams need to do. Members can also communicate in a chat with private and public messages.

The features include time tracking, timeline views, a marketing calendar, predictive analytics, and file management.

Taskworld stands out from its competitors when it comes to security. There are specific features for that, such as privacy options, backups, cryptography, and a privacy shield certificate.

The software is available in the cloud and on-premises. Also, it aligns perfectly with GDPR and other privacy regulations.

There’s a free trial. However, if you want to permanently use the software, you will have to pay $10 per user per month.

10. Visually


Visually is the best option for brands that need to plan and optimize Content Marketing.

The tool is powerful to help you manage different types of content, from interactive ebooks to videos

You can organize your infographics, reports, presentations, social media efforts, and more.

Visually helps you create outstanding experiences for readers.

You will produce great content that will be valuable to them, engaging them to go further on the buyer’s journey. You can plan, develop, and effortlessly distribute your content.

There are many marketing planning software out there, so it’s crucial to know their differences. Once you’ve gathered the best options, you can select the one that fits in your pocket and matches your needs.

Doing that is an essential step for marketing success. With the right tool, you will be able to strategize better and get the best results.

If you want to scale your content production, and guarantee a solid marketing plan, get to know Visually!

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