Welcome to the new Rock University: the education platform made by Rock Content

The new Rock University has the purpose of merging all the educational platforms of Rock Content. It means you will have access to every piece of content they have in just one place, which offers you a better experience to keep learning Digital Marketing with us!

new rock university

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Company owners and marketers have realized the importance of doing Digital Marketing. However, many of them don’t know how to do it correctly and, as a consequence, they don’t get the results they are looking for. To solve this problem once and for all, we launched educational platforms. Rock University being the first.

Through the years, we created other platforms to help our audience to learn with us, they are:

  • Rock Training;
  • Universidad Rock Content;
  • Ion U.

But, as those contents were available on different platforms, the user experience was not as great as we wanted. That’s why we are merging them into the new Rock University!

In this article, we will show you how this change will occur, and the benefits you will have from it.

    What is Rock University?

    When Rock Content was founded, we had the need to teach Content Marketing through our blog. But, as we started it in Brazil, the local market was not very familiar with this kind of strategy.

    That’s why we realized how important it was to teach Digital Marketing in a practical way and focus on results. This is how Rock University was created in 2016.

    The first course was “Content Marketing” and Vitor Peçanha, co-founder at Rock Content, the teacher. A few months later, “Content Production” was launched too with the purpose of teaching online writing skills. Both are free.

    However, Digital Marketing has other areas such as SEO, email marketing, social networks, etc. For this reason, we started to create premium courses to explore those subjects more deeply.

    Since then, more than 150,000 people have enrolled in both free modules and premium courses. In addition, the certifications have been great for everyone who seeks marketing and sales opportunities.

    What is Rock Training?

    Rock Training, as the name suggests, is a training platform whose purpose is helping everyone to learn and apply Sales and Marketing strategies in their business.

    Further, it also offers something we call “knowledge trails” that present steps of execution as well as supporting all people enrolled with materials to help them to put each step in action.

    Currently, we have more than 150 trainings on the platform with focus on:

    • practical and live trainings that help you to apply those knowledges to your company and answer any doubt that you may have;
    • knowledge trainings built according to the goal your business strategy may have;
    • exclusive chat to reach us whenever you want to solve your doubts.

    What is Universidad Rock Content?

    Universidad Rock Content is the name we used to spread Rock University in Latin America. It means all the courses are set in spanish and take in consideration the particularities of the LATAM market.

    Currently, we only have one course available – Marketing de Contenidos (which means Content Marketing in English) -, a free course taught by Vitor Peçanha in Spanish.

    Of course we plan to launch more courses in Spanish to our Latin American audience, but the first step is making a global channel which is the new Rock University we’re about to show you in this article.

    What is Ion U?

    Ion U was originally developed by ScribbleLive and became part of Rock Content in 2019

    The purpose of Ion U is offering a learning center and a training platform with courses and video tutorials, to make anyone enrolled capable of delivering high-performing content experiences.

    Ion is an interactive content creation tool in the market. You can create memorable scales for your customers and prospects, generating more results. Somethings you can create using Ion are:

    • interactive landing pages;
    • calculators;
    • interactive ebooks;
    • interactive infographics;
    • quizzes.

    What is changing?

    Now, we’re going to merge all the above platforms into one new platform. It means that every user of Ion U will now have a new access to Rock University.

    Why are we merging the platforms?

    We want to offer a single education platform for Rock Content focusing on the best experience for our users. This new platform will give users the best learning path according to what they are looking for, but with the same autonomy and freedom to use it according to your company’s needs.

    This way, everybody will be capable of finding what they want, and have more opportunities to find content that they didn’t have access to before.

    Why are we moving to a new platform?

    Although we already have a working platform, we decided to move to a better one in terms of user experience for any kind of business. This way, it doesn’t matter if you own a small business and want to learn Digital Marketing by yourself, or if you’re the CEO of a large company and want to train your marketing team. Every user will be able to follow equally.

    Further, as Rock Content, we are constantly developing ways to work different types of content. So, we want all people enrolled in the platform to have access to them too.

    Why is this important for you?

    As you can see in the post, the new platform will provide an amazing experience in the learning process. So, after the first login, you will find:

    • all content in just one place;
    • more content to consume;
    • easier ways to find what you want to learn;
    • a great user experience;
    • new learning experiences.

    How will Rock University be from now on?

    We want Rock University to help its users, through qualified educational content, to grow with Digital Marketing.

    It means this new identity will open possibilities for everyone to learn and be closer to Rock Content, in order to guide them. So, from now on, you will have a stronger connection with us to reach the success you want to.

    That’s why we are changing our logo and colors to the same ones used by Rock Content as a whole. All those changes will be available in this URL on June 22nd. 

    But, wait…will the other platforms cease to exist?

    Yes, it means the content that exists on each platform will not disappear, they will just change from one platform to a better one.

    Now, we welcome you to the new Rock University! We hope you learn a lot with us, and get amazing results for your strategy or business. Let’s Rock!


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