Rock University: New Distribution To Make More Educational Content Available For Our Community

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I am proud to announce that we’re making big changes to the way we deliver courses and content for students at Rock University, Rock Content’s educational platform.

To date, we have already helped more than 500,000 students across the globe become better digital marketers and sales professionals, with more than 25 certifications and 150 training programs in three languages.

Our mission is to “make Marketing better while having a positive impact in the world”, and we believe that one of the ways to achieve our goal is through education. That’s why, starting today, our educational content distribution will be getting a “tune-up.”

These changes have been designed to make our initiatives even more available to our community. With the new distribution model, we will make more training available for free to help professionals learn and develop their skills.

I couldn’t wait to announce all the amazing changes to all of you—our audience, students and customers. Now it’s the time. 

Rock University’s New Distribution Model

So, how’s it going to work in practical terms?

Today, Rock University is divided into two types of plans: Free and Premium. We will continue to operate this way, but with some changes to each of the plans.

Free access will continue to feature certifications and training available to everyone, while Premium will now feature certifications and exclusive training for Rock Content customers.

And we’ve made some exciting changes to the Free plan, expanding our content offerings at no cost: we’ve released 13 new training paths for free:

You can look at all certifications and training we have available in the content catalog with this link.

Premium Offerings

Rock Content’s customers now will have even more learning opportunities. Besides the free courses that have been opened to everyone, they are also going to have access to exclusive education and training resources. We call it Premium courses. 

Inside the Premium path, we have five different certifications:

  • Ion for Designer
  • Ion Basic Publishing
  • Ion Advanced Publishing
  • Ion Administrative Overview
  • Building Quizzes and Assessments in Ion

And more than 25 training: 

  • Responsive Design for Ion
  • Edit: Animations and Variables
  • Edit: Actions, Behaviors, and Rules
  • Palette: Forms and Interactive Elements
  • Monetization with Live
  • Displaying Content in Live
  • A Guide for Guest Writers in Live
  • And more!

Customers who wish to have access to exclusive Premium courses and training can contact the Rock Content team to request access to the Premium plan.

What’s the difference between Certifications and Training?

Certifications cover topics from Beginner to Advanced levels, covering both theory and practice. At the end of the process, participants take an exam and are issued a Rock University certificate.

Our certification tracks are organized into modules and lessons, and take more time to complete.

On the other hand, Rock University training addresses very specific topics. There are training paths available both on-demand, and as live training. The goal is to teach participants how to complete specific Marketing actions.

While they don’t offer a certificate, the training will set you apart from other marketers who want to develop their skills in Content and Digital Marketing. Training is designed as a short sequence of lessons that can be learned fairly quickly.

Rock University Content Types

Now that you know the general difference between them, it is important to mention that among the certifications and trainings you will find different types and formats of content:


  • Free certification: available for everyone, the free certification covers Marketing topics and grants students a certificate. 
  • Premium certification: it is only available to Rock Content customers and covers Marketing topics, like SEO and Social Media.
  • Product certification: become certified on Rock Content‘s product — available only for Rock Content customers.


  • Live training: live Q&A training webinars designed for both general Marketing topics and Rock Content products. Available only to Rock Content customers.
  • Training path: sequential educational content that can be Free or Premium, related to Marketing topics or Rock Content products.

Join us in 2022 and Rock the Marketing World

We truly hope you have enjoyed Rock University’s new distribution and the educational opportunities that have become possible with the different certifications and training.  

Rock University is aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals in three areas: Quality Education, Decent Growth and Job Opportunities, and Reduction of Inequalities. The fields of Digital Marketing and social media are constantly changing these days.

Rock University is, now more than ever, Rock Content’s tool to help keep our customers and students on the cutting edge of these fields — and I am very excited to announce these upcoming changes for 2022!

To know more about our Free and Premium trainings, just go to Rock University’s website.


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