Get Ahead in 2023 with These 8 Video Marketing Trends

Video content has never been hotter, so it should absolutely be part of your digital marketing plans. However, it’s essential to be prepared by getting a good read on where video is going this year first. Start with a look at the most exciting video marketing trends.

Get Ahead with These Video Marketing Trends

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At this point, it’s definitely safe to say that the digital world is crazy for great video content, and with good reason. 

Videos are dynamic, engaging, and capable of conveying lots of information at a glance. 

They’re also easy to consume, even on the go, so any company that’s serious about succeeding is including them as part of their content marketing strategy by now.

Naturally, video won’t be going anywhere this year. But as the medium becomes more popular and sophisticated, it’s also increasingly important to stay in the know as to where it’s going next. 

That said, here’s a closer look at some of the most exciting video marketing trends to embrace. Which ones have your attention?

    1. Continued TikTok Growth

    If it feels like you never stop hearing about TikTok these days, there’s an excellent reason for that. 

    The hit short-form video platform positively exploded onto the scene a few years ago and has gradually come to dominate the video marketing scene since. 

    And its appeal shows no signs of fading anytime soon, so watch for TikTok to continue growing and expanding throughout this year.

    You can also expect TikTok-like copycat features to continue appearing across other social media platforms and immediately become wildly popular. 

    So if you haven’t yet embraced TikTok and integrated it into your video marketing plans, it’s officially time to change that.

    Yes, you should create branded short-form video content of your own. But you should also aim to turn happy customers into brand ambassadors by offering incentives to create user-generated content. 

    Contests, sweepstakes, online events, and similar options are all good ways to do this. 

    And, of course, you’ll want to be sure to engage with any content your audience creates, as well as share it when possible.

    2. Soundless Social Videos

    Speaking of up-and-coming video marketing trends, today’s consumers are no longer just using social media when they’re alone at home with some spare time to kill. 

    They’re doing it to pass the time on the train to work while lying in bed next to their spouses, and while waiting in line for their morning coffee, too.

    That means they’re checking out any videos that might roll through their feeds with the sounds off so as not to disturb others. 

    Watching soundless video has also quickly become the norm, with people viewing as much as 85 percent of videos on Facebook that way.

    That means your videos need to scan well without sound if you want people to watch them, so keep that in mind. 

    Brainstorm marketing concepts that work with or without sound. Add captions to video that involves talking or narration to help people follow what’s being said. 

    And be sure to track the engagement rates of your videos, so you know what does and doesn’t work for your brand moving forward. Improve your content production strategy accordingly.

    3. Shoppable Videos

    Social media users are increasingly reluctant to completely interrupt their scrolling in favor of clicking through to another site to shop for a product that might have caught their eye. 

    For that reason, we’re seeing more and more video marketing trends that allow consumers to do both simultaneously. 

    Shoppable videos are a great example. They are similar to traditional videos in that they’re designed to attract and hold the viewer’s attention. 

    However, they also periodically feature pop-up text or imagery that links out to products for sale at just the right moments.

    Not only are eCommerce brands everywhere creating shoppable video content of their own, but key social media platforms — like Facebook and Instagram — have integrated shopping features of their own. 

    This makes it possible for a social media user to discover video content that markets a particular item, easily view more information, and finalize a purchase without ever leaving the platform.

    4. Live Video Streaming

    Today’s consumers see the brands they buy from as trusted friends, and that being the case, they want to connect on the same level they’d expect to with anyone else they’re close to. 

    That means they want to see video content from you that’s intimate, authentic, and relatable, so plan your digital marketing strategy for this year with this in mind.

    The world fell madly in love with live streaming during the pandemic as a way to feel more connected to the rest of the world while in isolation, but going live remains extremely popular even now that the world is opening back up. 

    Tuning in to a live video stream is the next best thing to talking with someone in person, and it can be especially exciting when the experience is attached to a brand you love.

    Leverage live video this year to connect to your audience at a deeper, more intimate level you’ll both love. 

    Host live Q&A sessions, broadcast fun product demos, stage special live webinars, and more. The sky’s the limit!

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    5. Search-Optimized Videos

    Videos aren’t just increasingly popular with consumers and social media users these days. 

    According to research, pages that include video are actually 53 times more likely to snag a page-one SERP ranking, so Google is also leaning strongly in that direction. 

    So definitely include video in your content when it makes sense, and embrace content creation on key platforms like YouTube.

    This year, you’ll want to get serious about search engine optimizing your videos, as well. 

    Be sure to include keyword-rich title tags and descriptions, as well as create custom thumbnails for your content to help it stand out. 

    And say your keywords in your video’s narrative, so that they appear in any transcripts connected to your video. You’ll be dominating the SERPs in no time.

    6. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

    Spending two years in a pandemic has shown the average consumer just how much you really can accomplish at a distance, and emerging video marketing trends reflect this. 

    People haven’t just embraced the possibilities when it comes to virtual experiences, either. 

    Many have come to prefer them and don’t want to give up the convenience and accessibility they bring to the table. 

    That’s where virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) comes in.

    Although it will still be a while until the whole world is on board with VR and AR, especially when an immersive experience requires specialized equipment, marketers should be prepared for both to grow this year. 

    Hot options to consider include AR shopping apps that let a user preview items before they buy, VR events standing in for in-person engagements, and immersive PR experiences. 

    So get on board with these approaches now and stay ahead of the game.

    7. Interactive Video

    Interactivity has been a hot marketing tactic for a while now, but you’ll see it making its way into video content more and more as we coast into this year. 

    People aren’t just looking for more from the brands they buy from. They expect more from the content they consume. 

    In fact, they no longer want to stop at just consuming it. They want to interact with it and perhaps even enjoy a say in how what they’re viewing ultimately plays out.

    In other words, great interactive videos do more than show a product in action. 

    They periodically present the viewer with interactive elements that allow them to go from passive viewer to active participant. 

    Branching videos — videos that make it possible for the viewer to change the outcome of the video altogether — are becoming especially popular.

    Adding interactivity to your content, video included, helps boost user engagement and assist viewers in retaining critical information. 

    Consider options like the above, as well as 360-degree video, chatbot tie-ins, and similar examples.

    8. Vlogging

    Brand storytelling is a powerful and effective way to make a lasting connection with a target audience, as well as build your unique brand personality

    Vlogs are a fantastic fit for those goals and provide an ideal way to support a well-rounded digital marketing campaign. 

    They add a face to the brand behind the content, as well as an exciting video element to your narratives.

    The rise of vlogging and other video marketing trends is also changing consumer expectations for content. 

    Humans instinctively connect with other humans, so when a story comes with a face and a voice attached to it, it raises the likelihood of a viewer coming back for more in the future. 

    But vlogging is still largely the domain of individual content creators.

    That leaves the door wide open for creative brands to move in and make some waves this year and beyond, so consider becoming one of the first to set the gold standard. 

    Try using vlogs to share your unique brand story with your customers, introduce your audience to key members of your company’s team, and let your unique personality shine through in a way that wins hearts.

    Wrap Up: Get Ahead of the Curve with an Airtight Marketing Budget

    Now that you know about the hottest up-and-coming video marketing trends, it’s time to get the ball rolling on the planning process. 

    Yes, part of that means brainstorming great ideas and figuring out which to focus on. But no digital marketing campaign should ever be greenlit without a wise budget in place first.

    Our free marketing budget planner can help take the guesswork out of the process. 

    So check it out today, and learn how to plan for unexpected costs, identify key priorities, accurately assess costs, and more!


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