Boost Conversion Rates with These 13 B2B Lead Generation Strategies

If you’re in the B2B sector, you can’t count on just any marketing strategy to get ahead. You need a reliable way to find, reach, and identify your ideal customers. The right B2B lead generation strategies can help.

Boost Conversion Rates with These 13 B2B Lead Generation Strategies

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When you’re in the business of providing fantastic products and services for other companies, you’re not marketing to just any set of customers.

You’re asking other business owners to trust you with the well-being of their companies, customers, and bottom lines. 

A B2B digital marketing plan created with their unique needs and concerns in mind is critical.

You’ll also need a reliable way to generate and identify truly high-quality leads — leads that represent companies that are an ideal fit for what you offer. 

Success-oriented B2B lead generation strategies can help you find these leads and turn them into happy paying customers. 

Here are some examples to get you started.

    1. Focus on generating top-tier content

    Content has always been important in digital marketing, but it’s impossible to run a successful campaign these days without it. 

    Regularly publishing high-quality content helps boost brand recognition, maximize your reach, rank well on relevant SERPs, and prove to prospective customers that you really know your stuff.

    Put together a strategy for regularly generating helpful, informative, evergreen content that will win the hearts and trust of a discriminate B2B audience. 

    The more confidence you can inspire your readers to place in you, the higher your chances of eventually converting them.

    2. Attract new leads with free content

    B2B customers love to stay in the know and never pass up a golden opportunity to learn something valuable for free. 

    That makes high-value instructional options like ebooks, courses, and seminars great additions to B2B lead generation strategies.

    Offering such content for free is a great way to snag email addresses and open the door to future communication with that person. 

    It’s also a solid way to build authority by offering an audience real value, not to mention subtly cluing them into how your products and services can help them.

    3. Streamline your email campaigns with automation

    If you’re like most B2B marketers, you don’t have all day to spend sending out individual emails to leads. 

    Automation not only saves you time but can really maximize the results you get out of your efforts.

    Start by segmenting your email list and composing your email content upfront. Then decide which customer actions will trigger when, how, and to whom each email will go out. 

    Arrange for lead nurturing emails to go out to brand new signups, discounts to customers who are returning or need to be re-engaged, and so forth.

    4. Boost authority with a Q&A page

    Quality B2B leads who are serious about finding the right products for them will naturally have a lot of questions. 

    Standalone blog posts and choice emails are great ways to answer the most critical ones, but adding a Q&A page to your website is a great way to tackle several vital questions at once, including a few some leads may not have thought to ask.

    Q&A-style blog posts also make great ways to show off your authority, boost search engine rankings, and encourage sharing.

    Look to your customers for inspiration, as well as your customer care team or question-based websites like Quora.

    5. Step up your production of long-form content

    Although quick content shots are great for catching people’s attention and making a splash on social media, it’s impossible to beat long-form content for making lasting impressions on leads. 

    Long-form posts are especially appealing to B2B consumers, as they’re more likely to dive deeply into the topic and tell them more of what they need to know to make an informed purchase decision.

    When writing as part of your B2B lead generation strategies, shoot for an average content length of 1,500-2,000 words. 

    Not only do search engines like Google positively love content around this length, but that’s the length that statistically does the best on business-friendly content-sharing platforms like LinkedIn.

    6. Use insider insights to add value to newsletters

    Newsletters are experiencing a real comeback these days, thanks to popular platforms like Substack. 

    They’re also great ways to stay in touch with leads, win their trust, and gently coax them toward a future purchase. But you really need to give people a good reason to welcome yet another newsletter into their inboxes.

    Insider insights are highly valuable to B2B leads, and they’re the type of thing they know they can’t get just anywhere. 

    Fill your newsletter with credible inside info, and it won’t be long before your audience positively looks forward to your next issue.

    7. Connect with leads via exit-intent pop-ups

    Although you may occasionally have a visitor to your site decide to convert right away, many will leave without converting in favor of thinking things over a little longer. 

    And while you can’t do much to convince them to buy before they’re truly ready, you can encourage them to give you their contact information before they go.

    Exit-intent pop-ups appear when visitors look like they’re about to click away from your site. 

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    You can set your pop-ups to prompt the person for their email address if they’re brand new. Or, if they’ve been there before, you can also use pops-ups to reengage a lead by offering them a sweet deal on a product they were checking out.

    8. Use social proof to sell your products

    B2B consumers are pretty discriminating about new purchase decisions, so the more proof you can offer them that your products work, the better. 

    One of the best ways to show a lead your company is an intelligent choice is to let them see just how much good it’s done for other companies like theirs.

    Add social proof like case studies and glowing testimonials from satisfied customers to your lead nurturing content to help nudge people who might be on the fence toward a purchase. 

    It will help them see themselves in the shoes of the customers you already have and want the same thing for themselves.

    9. Engage your audience with quizzes

    Interactive quizzes aren’t just great ways to engage everyday audiences. They’re a terrific way to attract and connect with potential B2B customers, as well. 

    The key is to make sure your quizzes are hyper-relevant to not only the individual customer but their industry.

    Be creative, but focus on helping leads find answers to questions they may have about their business. 

    Offer free assessments that help leads determine whether their company or profits are growing quickly enough, how best to operate their business, etc. 

    Then use the results to get a better read on future content ideas, service upgrades, and more.

    10. Create share-worthy infographics

    Although B2B lead generation strategies will always rely heavily on written content, you don’t want to sleep on visual content, as it does exceptionally well. 

    In fact, more than 40 percent of digital marketers say their best-performing content pieces are actually original infographics.

    Infographics offer audiences a lot of vital information at a glance. They’re also ideal for clarifying complicated concepts, as well as very easy to share. 

    The right infographic can earn a B2B business countless social media shares, valuable backlinks from authority sites, and numerous high-quality leads.

    11. Work on your LinkedIn presence

    A robust social media presence is a must for any digital-age B2B company, but you don’t want to stop at the biggies everyone uses, like Facebook and Twitter. 

    LinkedIn is the place to be if you want to connect with industry peers and generate B2B leads, so make sure your company commands an impressive presence there.

    Compose, post, and share high-value content created with your target audience in mind. 

    Network with other content creators, work on building ongoing relationships, and learn from peers who are killing it on the platform. 

    Use the message function to build and maintain relationships with solid leads.

    12. Maximize your reach with guest posts

    Guest posting gives marketers in the B2B sector an incredible chance to expand their reach and attract highly convertible new leads by leveraging the reach of their peers. 

    Naturally, you don’t want to partner up with direct competitors, but you do want to pick content creators with audiences likely to be interested in your products.

    For best results, create value-rich, long-form content that deeply explores topics your potential audience cares about.

    Remember, the idea is to intrigue readers enough that they visit your website and check out what you have to offer.

    13. Encourage user-generated content

    User-generated content (UGC) is a potent form of social proof. It shows potential customers that not only do your customers love what you’re doing, but they love it enough to want to endorse it to the rest of the world. 

    Successful UGC can also add up to a small fortune in free advertising if you play your cards right.

    So definitely consider incentivizing your customers to create and share UGC, such as reviews, video testimonials, personal stories, etc. Think contests, giveaways, special offers, and more. 

    Then leverage what your audience creates to add additional impact to your blog posts, social media channels, and more.

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    Rising to the top of the B2B sector is all about understanding your audience and connecting with them via the right techniques. 

    That means not only attracting high-quality leads but knowing how to nurture them all the way to conversion and beyond.

    Ready to take the next step? 

    Check out our comprehensive lead generation ebook for valuable information that will help you get ahead and stay there. 

    You’ll learn about micro vs. macro conversions, how to identify golden optimization opportunities, best practices for boosting conversion rates, and more!


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