How companies are using Ion to manage constant updates through Covid-19

How are companies using Ion to manage constant updates through Covid-19?

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The Coronavirus crisis derailed all 2020 plans. 

The data that supported sales projections, marketing strategies, hiring plans and product development are no longer very accurate.

The context has changed, as have consumer behaviors and the market.

As we tried to adapt to this new “normal”, we found examples of companies that were able to respond quickly to these events with the help of our Ion software.

We want to share these stories to help and inspire you!

DHL Express

DHL Express, the globally famous logistics company, felt the COVID-19 impact rapidly.

Since they ship orders from all corners of the globe, the first impact they noticed was logically in China and the Asia region.

“Because we are an express company, people expect to express delivery, which in the current world situation is not always possible. And this situation is, of course, not due to us, but it is up to us to inform our customers“, explained Raluca Pacurar, Digital Marketing Manager from DHL.

DHL landing page

Long-term clients of Ion, they quickly created a landing page to inform everyone about the changes in their transit times and shared useful links to their clients.

According to Raluca, this page has been sent to all its customers, and it’s updated every time they receive new information, which happens two or three times a week.

“We published it, and we followed up the performance to see if the page was useful for our customers or not, and it was a huge boom. Then we translated (the pages) to increase the visibility of all information, so now we have a French and a Spanish version.”

As we know, while facing uncertain circumstances, providing good communication with your public is key to maintaining a good relationship, and avoiding frustrations.

In this case, the ease of the Ion software to update and replicate content helped DHL Express get the page live market quickly, and with the flexibility to adapt and change the content as needed.

Cornerstone On Demand

Cornerstone is a people development company, with products focused on helping individuals realize their potential, especially at work.

“The company was founded with a mission to educate the world, and when the COVID crisis hit, we wanted to use our resources to help everyone — not just Cornerstone clients. We partnered with the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation to provide information on the virus itself, resources to help workers transition to working remote courses on health and wellness”, said Katie Burke, Marketing Engagement Lead at Cornerstone On Demand.

And that’s how Cornerstone Cares was born!

Cornerstone On Demand page

The page was set up by their Website and Creative Team using Ion’s platform to connect all these resources to Cornerstone’s learning management system.

Once again, Ion’s ease in creating and adapting digital experiences made it possible to launch the page on the week of March 16th.

And the results followed quickly after that: “So far, we have more than 13,000 total user registrations, 69,000 course registrations, and 36,000 course completions. And we are seeing an average of about 5 courses watched per user,” said Burke.

Better than those numbers was the feedback from the users. According to Katie, many clients have responded, saying that Cornerstone has been the most proactive and the most helpful partner for them.

Other examples

DHL and Cornerstone On-Demand were not alone. Plenty of Ion’s customers managed to respond to the events creating interactive experiences to inform, educate, and entertain their public quickly.

You can see more examples here:

We, from Rock Content, also got inspired and created content to share information about how the business world responds to COVID-19:

Rock Content's page on coronavirus

The idea came from Rodrigo Nascimento, our Product and Services Marketing leader.

“When everything happened, we saw a lot of changes happening with our families, friends, and different markets. The first thought was: maybe our customers and contact list are passing through the same challenges, and we can help them with that. Let’s build some great content about it!”, said Nascimento.

He and his team mapped that one of the biggest challenges that people were facing was understanding the best technologies and tools to adjust to a new remote workstyle, how to successfully adapt to change, and keeping a healthy, positive perspective in the upcoming months.  

So they developed a content experience that helped people to have a better understanding of the scenario. “We’re trying to bring relief in a moment of so much uncertainty with useful content.”

Rock also created another hub to share reliable information about COVID-19 with our team, families, and friends:

Rock Content's page on coronavirus

Now it’s your turn!

If your team is having difficulties turning ideas into action or is struggling to update and maintain your online presence in the light of the recent events, Ion might be the answer for it.

With Ion’s platform, your company can create and update amazing experiences without tech-savvy resources or developer code

Using Ion, your existing team —and your existing content— can keep educating and entertaining your audience, strengthening your relationship with them.

Request a demo and discover new possibilities for your company!


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