The 11 Most Popular WordPress Websites

The 11 most popular WordPress websites

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We often hear that WordPress hosting is the most straightforward and popular way to build a website.

After all, this open-source Content Management System (CMS) powers over 455 million sites on the web. That is about 35% of all content on the internet. 

However, have you ever wondered how all those websites look to their visitors? Is it possible to know that they are built with WordPress?

In this article, you will get to know the most famous WordPress websites

In fact, you may not even suspect they are built on this CMS. Below, you will also find out how versatile such a platform can be.

To do so, we will look into:

Ready to get to know all of them? Keep reading!

Media websites built on WordPress

A lot of companies choose to power their media efforts online. Here are a few examples of websites built with the tool.

1. BBC America

The BBC America website is one of the most impressive examples of the use of WordPress to build a powerful branded website.

With much of its content focused on videos, this WordPress website offers insights into the BBC America programming. 

On the website, you can find schedules for TV shows, links to the BBC apps, and even a FAQ section on how to watch your most beloved shows in the US.

2. TED Blog

TED Talks are ideal when you want to hear interesting, new ideas. But what if you wanted to do some further reading after watching an inspiring video? You can do so by visiting the TED Blog.

Built on WordPress, the website features ideas worth reading more on. 

There are also interviews and other content that TED fans might find interesting, such as its main videos’ making of.

3. Microsoft News

That might come as a surprise to you, but another very popular website built on WordPress is Microsoft News.

This site is the center of reliable news across the globe. It allows you to read about tech and mobile experiences, and access quality journalism made by hundreds of Microsoft partners worldwide.

You can find content provided by Tech Insider, Fortune, USA Today, CNN, El País, Business Insider, and many other news sources on the website. All of this is powered by WordPress.

4. Facebook Newsroom

Facebook Newsroom is another important site on the web powered by WordPress. This website features the most important news regarding Facebook.

That includes updates to their platform and partner products, resources available on their website, and interesting cases of companies that use Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp.

It also works as an institutional website to Facebook, featuring sections on privacy, financial education, and safety.

Blogs built on WordPress

Blogs were the first WordPress websites, and, up until now, many companies still use the CMS to power their blogs.

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5. cPanel Blog

cPanel is a powerful tool that web hostings worldwide use to manage the installation of apps, among them WordPress. That’s why it isn’t a surprise their blog is powered by the tool.

In the cPanel blog, you can find recent news and updates regarding cPanel, as well as other tech insights that will help you build better websites.

The blog features tips on how to build a powerful online presence. It also shows how to improve the security of your website using the cPanel.

6. Flickr Blog

Flickr is probably the most famous image sharing platform on the planet. 

Popular among professional and amateur photographers, this website is full of great content for those that love photography.

However, the Flickr blog is what catches our attention for being powered by WordPress.

In this blog, you can find photography tips, the most popular galleries on the platform, and FAQs on how to join in the community and help create content for Flickr.

7. Variety

Powered by WordPress, the website features reviews of popular TV shows, music albums, and all the news you might be interested in regarding entertainment.

Variety features a wide range of content, employing nothing more than WordPress as the backbone.

Websites built on WordPress

While blogs and media pages are a popular way of using WordPress to power a website, many companies rely on this CMS to power their sites.

Let’s see some cool websites built with WordPress.

8. Angry Birds

WordPress themes allow infinite customization, and that is why the Angry Birds website chose it.

On this site, you can find news about Angry Birds games, curiosities about their movies, and other great content for fans, such as a store with Angry Birds products.

9. Sony Music

Sony Music is among the most important recording companies in the world, and it uses WordPress to present its impressive catalog of artists.

On their website, you can find news about the brand, recent recording deals, and featured artists, all powered by WordPress.

10. Vogue India

Vogue is one of the most famous magazines in the world. To power the Indian version of their website, they chose WordPress.

The results are incredible since the magazine looks and feels like the print version of Vogue.

11. The White House

Another powerful player that chose WordPress as a platform is the White House.

The website of the best known political residence in the world features news about the White House, an extensive section about its history, and information on job openings.

As you can see, WordPress allows you to personalize and differentiate your website. That is why this CMS is one of the most popular across the globe. 

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2024 State of Marketing Report

Your golden ticket to crush your goals with data-driven insights!

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