How Interactive Content Can Be Successful for ABM Strategies

How Interactive Content Can Be Successful for ABM Strategies

Need more conversions and sales? Create interactive experiences with Ion!

Account-based marketing (ABM) is one of the most effective ways to seek out high-value accounts and close deals.

When you’re focused on such things as ROI and marketing penetration, it pays to force your marketing and sales teams to work together. As you implement new strategies, you have to embrace the latest technology.

We’re here to show you how interactive content, combined with ABM strategies, can help you focus on your customers while also overcoming the many challenges that are out there.

In this article, you’ll see:

    The Importance of ABM Strategies

    You need clients — and you need to hold onto the clients once you have them.

    This means that you have to market in such a way that proves what you have to offer. ABM strategies are effective because they allow your marketing and sales teams to work together.

    ABM ensures that you have a unified message for consumers and customers without there being confusion based on who they speak to.

    When you’re a B2B, you have to target the businesses that are of interest to you. There’s no sense in wasting marketing dollars to target each and every lead.

    With the help of an effective ABM strategy, you can take advantage of various benefits:

    An ABM strategy also allows you to address two important areas: potential consumers and existing customers.

    It can boost your revenue and ensure that as you focus on one area, you don’t lose in another. It’s the ultimate marketing strategy, but only if you handle it correctly.

    No one wants to feel as though they’re getting a hard sale. You have to make it appear as though the business you’re targeting is in control.

    You achieve that by providing them with interactive content for ABM. As they enter data, they feel in control.

    Meanwhile, it provides you with critical data that will make it easier for you to convert them.

    The Difficulty of Finding the Right Content to Leverage

    The content you post has to solve problems. While ABM is capable of resolving problems that you’ve had in the past, it all comes down to the content that you create.

    Showing ROI is one of the biggest problems with content. If you’re looking at marketing initiatives you’ve done in the past, you have no idea how much you’re spending. You have to consider how much you’re spending to get a lead and to get a conversion.

    While you don’t mind spending the money on high-value clients, you also need to have a positive conversion rate in place.

    Another problem with the wrong content is that you might not be getting the desired level of engagement. You don’t want people to simply read a blog or a social media post.

    You want them to be interactive with the content that you have displayed. This means that you have to think outside the box of a traditional blog.

    Further, the content you may be using may not be aligned with both marketing and sales teams. When you’re sending mixed messages, you’ll never get the conversion that you want.

    ABM-focused content ensures that both teams are on the same page. You have to consider that whatever you post is designed to target specific accounts, educate them on what you have to offer, and close the deal.

    When you have the right content, ABM strategies are easier to implement. You can be sure that you’re leveraging the content to get the results and generate more revenue for your B2B.

    The Benefits of Interactive Content

    Interactive content allows you to take advantage of the latest technology while effectively marketing to your target audience.

    Content that allows consumers to input information and be entertained is gratifying — and it gives them a sense of control.

    Your ABM strategies can benefit dramatically by incorporating interactive content into your website and your social media platforms.

    Interactive content is often highly personalized. It can address some of the most commonly asked questions about who you are and what you have to offer. It may also accept user-entered information to provide specific answers.

    We live in a society that is dependent on instant gratification. No one wants to fill out a random form to be contacted about a product or service. They want answers now.

    As such, interactive content delivers those answers so that they don’t have to wait. After all, in the time that a business waits for your response, they may have found another business to work with that delivered the answers they needed immediately.

    Interactive content is also about data-driven experiences. You’re able to hyper-target any leads that interact with your content by providing them with hard facts. It ensures that they understand the costs and the savings associated with what you have to offer.

    Most businesses don’t make decisions off the cuff. They need to know what they’re getting out of it.

    State of Marketing Report 2024

    With the way that you’re able to capture data and provide data to your targeted leads using interactive content, it ensures that you get more qualified businesses contacting you. It also helps you to close deals faster while boosting your conversion rates.


    You’re giving them the reason they need to do business with you.

    There’s an added benefit of interactive content, too. It boosts word-of-mouth marketing. Many people who are impressed by the features of a website will talk.

    They’ll talk about the interactive content on your website because of what they learned or how educational it was. They may mention you on social media, point to your site in a blog, or even discuss you during a business conference.

    Anytime there is a positive sentiment about you, it can drive more business your way. You simply have to decide what type of interactive content is going to get the job done.

    How Interactive Content Can Help Your ABM Strategies

    Interactive content for ABM can vary based on the kind of B2B you have as well as what your specific goals are.

    There’s no limit to the types of content that you use — you may simply choose to use them at different points of the sales funnel. Further, you may use some content with your target customers and other content with your existing ones.

    There’s plenty of interactive content that’s available. Do you want to educate people on what you have to offer or do you want to show people why they need to invest in your product or service?

    Regardless of the point that you want to prove, you can do it more effectively with interactive content.

    1. Interactive infographics 

    Interactive infographics are capable of increasing your conversions dramatically. The infographics provide useful details about your services while being able to drive the details on their own.

    They discover what they want, when they want so that they’re in control of the experience instead of you.

    2. Calculators 

    Interactive calculators are great at providing an ROI.

    When you know that target consumers struggle with justifying an investment or purchase decision, you can provide the data-driven validation that they need to finalize the deal.

    3. Assessments 

    Interactive assessments are capable of assessing more about who your target audience is and what they need.

    It can generate leads and ensure that you get enough information to feed specific data to them. It can make it easier for you to place them into the necessary sales funnel, too, so you can eventually close the deal.

    4. Lookbooks & Tours 

    Interactive lookbooks and tours allow you to provide a more interactive experience than a simple online catalog or gallery.

    You can introduce people to a product or service while allowing them to be in control of how long they linger on each page.

    5. Interactive ebooks 

    Interactive ebooks make it possible for you to turn a mundane ebook into something that is actually worth reading.

    Whether you use reveal tiles or quiz questions, it’s interactive enough to hold your target consumer’s attention throughout while they learn more about your business.

    6. Solution Finders 

    Solution finders can even offer recommendations to late-stage buyers. It makes it easier for you to help your high-value leads with exactly what it is that they need from you. By using this tech, you also cut down on calls to customer service.

    With so many types of content, you can choose the one that works best with your audience and what it is that you want them to experience.

    Explore Ion to Provide You with Interactive Content

    In the past, if you wanted interactive content, you would have had to spend a fortune to get them designed.

    That, or you’d need to have extensive coding knowledge. Then, if that particular content didn’t work, it would be back to the drawing board along with the added cost.

    We make it easy at Rock Content with our Ion tool. You have the opportunity to use a platform that allows you to choose the content you want to create. Use your existing content within our content experience platform to drive results.

    We cover it all — backgrounds, borders, effects, and more. It ensures that you can brand the content to fit your company’s image.

    You can even optimize your conversion with A/B testing and use insights to help you with any future content that you develop.

    Don’t have the time or the patience to create the interactive content? If you choose not to use our studio, complete with quick-start templates, we can still create the content for you.

    Just tell us about the goals you want and what kind of interactivity you want site visitors to have.

    Ion provides you with the opportunity to create the interactive content that your ABM strategy needs.

    Empower your targeted accounts to learn more about who you are and how you’re uniquely qualified to help them. Discover Ion today with our online demo!

    Request an Ion demo

    Start creating interactive content with Ion and increase your marketing results!

    Start creating interactive content with Ion and increase your marketing results!

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