Introducing a new Scribble feature: Reporting analytics

    Our developers have been busy coding all summer to bring you some fantastic new features. First up: we’ve beefed up our reporting tools to include even more important data about your readers. They’ll help you make informed decisions about the types of events that are the most successful, which time of day to run them, which topics get the most comments and more.

    Our new suite of reporting tools replaces an older system that relied on a 3rd party for metrics. We now internally collect data specific to events. Of course, these are supplementary stats: you should still continue to use your own analytics metrics to measure data as you do with other content you publish outside Rock Content.

    We’ve also added a handy graph of statistics over time that lets you compare different data. Filter the data by timeline — last hour, last 3 hours, today, last 24 hours, last 7 days or entire event — as well as by category: Page views, unique page views and concurrent watchers.

    Here’s what we give you:

    Concurrent watchers: how many people are watching your event in real time
    Total page views: total number of page views over duration of event
    Total unique page views: total number of unique visitors over duration of event
    Unique users who posted/commented: total number of contributors (includes tweets and facebook users whose statuses you import)
    Total Posts: The total number of liveblog posts published during the event
    Total Published comments: The total number of reader comments published on the liveblog
    Total Moderated comments: The total number of reader comment received but not published (held in moderation)
    Most discussed posts: the top 5 most-discussed posts (refers to our new Discussions feature and ranks posts based on how many discussion comments they have)

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